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3 Things the Atlanta Falcons Must Address in the 2022 NFL Offseason

The Atlanta Falcons had no expectations this year. The Falcons traded away Julio Jones during the offseason but brought in Kyle Pitts with their first-round pick. Neither side of the ball really showed out despite a 7-10 record on the season. The Falcons have a lot of decisions to make this offseason and they might break some hearts with them.

3 Things the Atlanta Falcons Must Address in the 2022 NFL Offseason

1. Blow it Up

The Falcons need to trade away their assets to build their future. Matt Ryan is going to be 37 during the 2022 season and will account for over $48 million against the cap, for both his and the team’s sake he should be traded (after June 1 so the penalty isn’t so much). Calvin Ridley has previously stated that he wanted out of Atlanta and this offseason makes it easier. Trade them for future picks and set yourself up to be better for the future.

2. Get Under the Cap

Kind of hand in hand with number one, they need to get under the cap. At the moment, the Atlanta Falcons are $6 million over the cap. That doesn’t help that Julio Jones has $15 million going towards the Falcons’ dead cap. They can restructure some contracts to help themselves with their cap situation, and they’ll have to.

3. Use the Draft

The Atlanta Falcons have the eighth pick of the NFL Draft this year. They need to hit on it and every other pick they have. The Falcons surprised people this year with seven wins, but they aren’t moving forward at this time with their cap situation and other things. Use the draft and get the guys you need or get capital for your future.

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