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3 Possible Adam Thielen Free Agency Destinations

According to reports, rather than take a pay cut with the team, Adam Thielen forced a clean release from the Minnesota Vikings. Thus leaving him to test the market in this year’s anticipated NFL Free Agency. The slowest position market has been the wide receivers so far, as the big names, which include Thielen, OBJ and JuJu Smith-Schuster, to name a few, have yet to ink any new deals.

There was once a point when Thielen was considered a top-10 wide receiver with no debate. However, as he goes into new territory outside of Minnesota, we will explore the top three Adam Thielen free agency landing spots.

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Adam Thielen Free Agency Destinations

Top Adam Thielen Free Agency Destination – Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are in the market for a WR addition and aren’t afraid to show it. Ever since they were spotted at OBJ’s private workout, the team has been linked to being interested in the former Viking. While Thielen isn’t getting younger, that doesn’t mean he can’t help the dynamic duo of Stefon Diggs and Gabriel Davis. With the addition of Thielen, it forces a mismatch at any given position. This ranges from Dawson Knox all the way to Josh Allen having to be accounted for as a runner.

In summation, with an Adam Thielen free agency acquisition, the possibilities are endless.

However, there may be a few hurdles the Bills face if they are serious about pursuing the All-Pro wide receiver. Firstly, Thielen may have a hard time adjusting to playing outdoors. Yes, he grew up in Minnesota and surely seen snow, but playing in a domed environment is a completely different beast compared to the stadium in Buffalo. Additionally, the team restructured the contracts of both Josh Allen and Von Miller to clear up cap space. With the organization trying to clear up money, it may be evidence enough that while they are willing to dish out money, they might be unable to afford the premier route-runner.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are in desperate need of an offensive addition. A wide receiver, to be exact. Ever since his release from the NFC North, fans from the NFC East’s most annoying franchise, the Cowboys, have been hoping for his arrival in Dallas. It does make sense, as the team was desperate enough to bring in T.Y. Hilton last season to help “spark” the offense.

CeeDee Lamb garners too much coverage. Enter, Adam Thielen, All-Pro receiver and proven “number two” guy to both Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson.

If the rumor, per the tweet above, is true, then Dallas may not be the home that Thielen is seeking. Regardless of where you fall on believing in Dak Prescott, there is no denying the rumors that circulate about his tenure with the Cowboys being on the fringe. In other words, the talent around the QB is proven, but the QB has yet to prove themselves in this league. Especially given their lack of playoff success. On paper, Adam Thielen to the Cowboys in free agency makes perfect sense, but football is won on the field, not on paper.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are seemingly on the cusp of securing Aaron Rodgers to come to the Big Apple. If that is the case, then the Jets make perfect sense for the 33-year-old receiver. If Thielen is looking to win as surely as possible, then the addition of Rodgers to Gang Green is all the evidence Thielen needs in moving to New York. Additionally, Rodgers has been very critical of younger receivers in the past, most notably this past season, as the Green Bay Packers young receiving corps started on the wrong foot.

There are only two caveats with this Adam Thielen free agency landing spot. One, the team is paying Corey Davis to be their number two receiver and would likely have to either cut his salary or release him. Additionally, it is highly unlikely Thielen would want to make the cross-country trip without the surefire success that Rodgers brings to the negotiation talks.

While other free agent quarterbacks are on the market, like Baker Mayfield, Thielen will probably try to link himself to the future Hall-of-Famer or another established contender.

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