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3 Possible Baker Mayfield Free Agency Destinations

The 2023 NFL Free Agency period has already kicked off to monumental propositions. However, one noticeable absence from the slew of names inking deals is none other than the former first-overall pick, Baker Mayfield. A polarizing figure, to be sure, the highly-touted QB has been rumored to garner interest from multiple teams but has yet to sign any new deal.

Here, we will take a look at the top three Baker Mayfield free agency destinations.

Baker Mayfield Free Agency Destinations

Top Baker Mayfield Free Agency Landing Spot – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Per the tweet below, it’s being reported by multiple sources that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a strong suitor for the former Oklahoma quarterback. It’s no surprise really, as the team is in uncharted waters after Tom Brady’s retirement was announced. Baker Mayfield impressed his critics and, by extension, the world, when he was only in Los Angeles for less than 48 hours, and still leading the Rams to a victory.

The chip on his shoulder has certainly grown bigger, the desire to prove himself is tangible, and the Bucs are a prime choice to let Baker Mayfield do so.

Second-Best Landing Spot – Los Angeles Rams

Mayfield finished the 2022 campaign with the Los Angeles Rams, to everyone’s surprise. After Matthew Stafford’s injury, the team was in desperate need of a long-term substitute and Mayfield was hot off his stint in Carolina. Against all odds, Mayfield was able to pull off a victory for the Rams in primetime against the Raiders. Mayfield, in his five games in LA, threw for 850 yards and four touchdowns with only two interceptions. His touchdown-to-interception ratio was a major concern for teams after his stints in Cleveland and Carolina.

If there was anyone who can turn around the controversial QB, it is Sean McVay. Plus, considering the fact he has expressed interest in Mayfield since as far back as the 2018 NFL Draft, it’s no surprise that his sample time with the ball-slinger has warranted more interest from the team. The only potential hiccups could be the cap situation in Los Angeles, as in how much is Mayfield asking for and how much they can afford.

Matthew Stafford isn’t getting any younger, McVay likes Mayfield, Baker proved himself worthy with the Rams, he wouldn’t have to learn a new system, and Stafford’s injury concerns are mounting. The shoe fits, but it’s up to Mayfield if we will put it on.

Third-Best Landing Spot – Indianapolis Colts

Yes, the Indianapolis Colts have a track record of bringing in veteran quarterbacks to lackluster results. However, there are quite a handful of mock drafts that have Will Levis going to Indy, even before the massive trade for the first overall pick.

If the Colts do go this route of selecting Will Levis, then Baker Mayfield appears to be the perfect fit for a bridge QB/mentor to the rookie. Or, any rookie signal-caller for that matter. However, the resemblance and archetype for the two QBs are uncanny, and multiple people aren’t afraid to make the comparison. Now, whether or not Mayfield is taking that role is a different question. Maybe he takes it on the offer of a short contract or the ability to get traded easily.

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