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3 Packers Trade Targets Before the Deadline

The Green Bay Packers currently sit in second in the NFC North, with a 4-1 record. They will certainly look to be buyers before the NFL trade deadline, if they can get a good deal. The front office has shown hesitance since even before Aaron Rodgers came to town. With time dwindling on Rodgers and how much he has left in the tank, here are three Packers trade targets before the deadline.

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Packers Trade Targets Before NFL Trade Deadline

A.J. Green, CIN

A.J. Green was recently seen on the sidelines of a Cincinnati Bengals game mouthing what looked to be along the lines of “If you’re not going to use me, trade me.” Green certainly isn’t the elite receiver he used to be, now at the age of 32. With that being said, he’s still a big 6-4 target that is more than capable of being second option for the Green Bay passing attack.

With quarterback Joe Burrow showing preference to both receivers Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins over Green, the Packers could pull off an A.J. Green trade for less than he is potentially worth. Pairing another receiving threat next to Adams, with receiver Allen Lazard out indefinitely to a core injury, could spell problems for opposing defenses once Lazard does return.

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J.J. Watt, HOU

JJ Watt has been a staple in the Houston Texans’ defensive line since he was drafted out of Wisconsin in 2011. He certainly has his issues with durability at times, but he wants to win, loves Wisconsin and grew up idolizing the great Reggie White, who came to Green Bay later in his career to win a Super Bowl. For these reasons, he will always be a Packers trade target. With the Texans’ recent firing of Bill O’Brien about three years too late, it would be in Houston’s best interest to cut their losses and start over from scratch.

The Packers definitely have some assets and plenty of picks they could give up to the Texans for him. While this may seem unlikely to transpire, remember the Texans don’t have a shred of dignity to save here. They are already a shambolic franchise that will continue to be a laughing stock. The Packers need help on their d-line and the Texans won’t be a true contender for a long time to come. They may as well trade him while they can get something for him. If the Texans are going to let O’Brien blow the team up, they might as well finish the job, since they’re already 1-5.

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Carlos Dunlap, CIN

**UPDATE: Carlos Dunlap has been traded to the Seahawks**

Much like Watt, Carlos Dunlap is a defensive lineman who is nearing the end of his prime, but still has a decent amount left in the tank. Unlike Watt, Dunlap has been emphatically clear of his displeasure with his organization. He recently posted the Bengals’ edge rotations on the defensive line, which surely won’t help his trade stock. Is he a problem right now? Yes. Is he acting like a baby with all his whining? Also yes. However, this plays perfectly into the Packers’ hands.

Again, Green Bay needs help on their defensive line. With his stock plummeting, the Packers should be able to get him for relatively cheap, as Cincinnati may just want to cut ties altogether. What better situation for a disgruntled player than to go to a team that will use him heavily and is a contender for a championship? It may not be the sexiest trade the Packers could pull off, but they need his services and they can likely get him for cheap, too.

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