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2018 NA LCS Summer Finals to be Held in Oracle Arena

The 2018 NA LCS Spring Finals ended up taking place in Miami. There, fans saw the emergence of a new champion for North America. Currently, the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is taking place with the best teams from each region battling it out to see how deserves the title as the best regional team. Although MSI is still underway, Riot Games has announced the location for the 2018 NA LCS Summer Finals.


Oracle Arena Welcomes the NA LCS

The Finals for the Summer Split will be held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California from September 8-9. Riot Games has hosted plenty of tournaments in basketball arenas before, but hosting one in Oracle Arena is a first for the company. The arena is home to the Golden State Warriors, one of the newest franchise teams for the NA LCS. Riot Games is proud to be a part of making history in such an iconic stadium.

The Bay Area in California is no stranger to esports, having hosted events like IEM Oakland and the IPL Faceoff, so having the Summer Split Finals at the arena will definitely be a huge spectacle.

Although tickets have not gone up for sale yet, expect them to be purchasable after Rift Rivals. Be sure to keep updated on the latest news regarding the Summer Split on Lolesports.

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