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15 Facts About Sports Betting That’ll Surprise You

Are you looking to get into the world of sports betting?

Sports gambling has been on the rise in recent times and it shows no signs of stopping. The driving force behind its rise is how easy it is to bet on any sport, and how easy it is to win. With its growth, more people join the betting scene, allowing you to find more people to bet against in any sport.

Before you get into think about joining the online gambling scene, though, there are a few things for you to know. These facts about gambling will help you avoid legal issues and win big by knowing what sports to bet on.

Read on and know what’s what in the sports gambling industry. Use these facts to understand how you can increase your winning chances today!

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15 Facts About Sports Betting That’ll Surprise You

1. Sports Gambling Is Popular Across the Globe

Here in the United States, online sports gambling has risen to become a regular pastime, with most of the population betting at least once a year. The US isn’t the only country that enjoys online betting, though.

Countries across Asia also partake in sports gambling and contribute to how much money the industry makes. Despite it being the largest continent, though, its countries combined don’t contribute as much as the UK does.

The UK is the leader in how much it contributes to the industry and how much it benefits from it. Many betting platforms stationed in the UK grew in size thanks to online betting’s recent rise in popularity.

2. The Industry Continues to Grow

What’s great about the online sports gambling industry is its continued growth and expansion. As it is right now, the industry stands to be one of the biggest markets in the future. This is because it’s not only limiting itself to physical sports.

Others are making other games, like chess, lucrative in sports gambling. Thanks to the surge of interest in chess because of The Queen’s Gambit, integrating betting methods was easy.

Even e-sports will become a popular platform for online betting. Gamers make up most of the Internet’s population. With their input, online gambling will become a common part of games like League of Legends or Valorant.

3. American Football Is Most Popular

As it stands, American football is the most popular sport in the online betting scene. Many fans watch the games unfold from the start of the season in both the professional and the collegiate scenes.

A part of its popularity is because of how unpredictable collegiate games could be. The NCAA adds new rosters every season, and people are eager to find out how good they are. The best teams may even make it to the NFL, mixing up the competition with their unique playstyles.

4. Basketball Is the Go-to Sport for New Bettors

Behind American football is basketball, where most newbie bettors bet on first. People new to online betting approach basketball first because it’s easier to understand.

The rules are straightforward, and the scoring system isn’t complicated. The NBA also has a larger presence in the world. It’s enough to attract more bets from overseas participants.

Unless you’re familiar with NFL players and how football works, this is the best place to start. You’ll find it easier to learn how betting systems work with the simpler rules of basketball.

5. Most New Bets Happen In-Game

As you place a bet, you’ll notice that most bets happen minutes before a game starts. This often shows that the people betting around you are new to sports gambling.

People make their bets this late because of unfamiliarity with the system. They want to see who’s participating first and gauge the team’s strength on the spot. Bets like these are often hasty, and not well-researched.

6. You’re Not Limited to In-Game Bets

If you’re new to online gambling, it’s good to know that you’re not limited to betting on the outcome of the game. You can also bet on different things, like the points a particular player will score before the game ends.

People familiar with betting call these prop bets. It’s when you go bet on specific factors in the game to happen instead of the game itself.

This can give you an edge that helps you win big at the end of each game. You won’t have a problem making a bet when the NFL or NBA drafts new teams for the season this way.

7. You Can Also Bet on Futures

Most people aren’t aware that people make big bets at the start of a season. Future bets are like big declarations that show off your knowledge of the sport. Here, you place your bet on who will win the finals right as the organizations announce the rosters for the season.

It’s a great time-locked investment that you can cash in on at the end of the season. All you need to do is know the game and the teams that play it. This helps the accuracy of your bets and will make your futures more likely to win out.

8. Sports Gambling May Be Illegal Where You Are

With all this talk about betting online, you may overlook the fact that it’s still illegal in some states. As of now, 28 states in the country allow for betting on sports. Make sure you’re within these states to avoid getting into legal trouble.

Even when you’re within these states, note that some have special rules regarding betting. For example, in Rhode Island, you can’t bet on college teams. Meanwhile, Iowa allows you to bet on college teams, but you’re not allowed to make any prop bets on them.

9. Most Bettors Make Emotional Bets

Most new bettors make the rookie mistake of betting with their emotions. It means they make their bets based on who’s their favorite team and such. While it’s okay to bet with your heart, it isn’t enough to guarantee a win.

Because of this, most lose their first bets and their interest in online gambling. To prevent this from happening to you, bet logically. Don’t let your favoritism cloud your judgment when placing a bet on a moneyline.

10. Only a Handful of People Research Before a Game

As mentioned above, a lot of new players bet with their hearts at the start. You can take advantage of this as a new bettor yourself. Their inexperience can give you the edge and help you win most of the pot before the game even starts.

To do this, do some research on the teams playing in the match. Look up the stats or news on the teams and their players.

Look for any piece of information that can give you a reason to believe one team has an advantage over the other. An injured player, the use of a sub, or a change in management can all impact the outcome of the game.

11. Not All Bets Are Equal 

When making your picks, you may notice that some bets pay out more than others. This is because of the odds set by the bookmaker before the start of the game.

Odds are to help equalize the risk of betting on the underdogs. Often, the favored teams have better odds, which means you’ll win less if you bet on them. Understanding these odds is the key to earning a lot through bets.

12. Live Betting Can Help You Win Big

Didn’t get to bet on your picks before the start of the game? Don’t worry, you can still make money with live betting!

The beauty of sports gambling is that you can do it anywhere as long as you can find someone to bet against. You can negotiate with other bettors for odds and prop bets as the game progresses. 

13. Many Bettors Place Bets Online and In Kiosks

While live bets are great, most people often stick to betting online. This is because they trust in the system more than their judgment in setting terms and odds. People also feel better about losing to a bet made in a kiosk than losing to one they made with a human.

14. You Can Become a Bookie Instead

Because of how people interact with kiosks and websites instead of other people, you can become a bookie instead. This way, you can still interact with bettors and generate an income from sports betting. 

All you need is an understanding of different games and how the betting system works. You also need reliable sportsbook software to make your betting platform.

15. A Lot of Betting Happens in September 

Different gambling statistics show that a lot of bets happen in September of each year. This is because it’s in line with the start of the football season in the US.

There’s a saying that bookies never lose in September. Read up on the latest sports news and prepare your website as the month approaches. This way, you’ll generate income and win big in the sports gambling industry.

Learn These Sports Betting Facts Today

There’s more to learn about sports gambling before you join the betting scene. Use these facts to know all you need to know about the sports betting industry. This way, you’ll know how to kick off your betting portfolio and go home a winner!

Do you want to learn more about online sports gambling? Check out our other guides and posts to keep yourself updated on the latest trends and picks. Have an advantage by informing yourself today!

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