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10 Things You Should Care About from NFL Week 1

Leonard Fournette
Credit: David J. Phillip/AP

10. Jacksonville Surprises

The arrival of Tom Coughlin seemed to spark the Jags on defense, as they looked sharp in week one. The team beat the Houston Texans 29-7 and also boasted strong performances from Leonard Fournette and Blake Bortles on offense. Fournette especially could be a perennial force for fantasy footballers for years to come if week one is any indication.

9. Falcons Squeak By

In a game against the Bears, the Falcons won by only six points in what looked like a blowout on paper. The runner-up in the Super Bowl last year looked alright in many aspects, but it was the Bears surprising production that was the real surprise. The Bears showed some major developments, but if the Falcons look to win the big one this year, they have some real work to get done, especially on defense.

Credit: Mike Roemer/AP

8. Packers Defense Improved?

With some pointing at Green Bay as the favorite to win it all this year, the defense is once again the question mark heading into the year. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the defense was the deciding factor against the Seahawks this Sunday. Aaron Rodgers threw a rare interception and the offense stalled at points, but it was the lack of offense from Seattle that really turned the tide towards the Green and Gold.

7. Is Minnesota for Real?

With a big win against New Orleans, the Vikings are hoping to prove the doubters wrong and finally climb to the top of the NFC North. An impressive performance from Sam Bradford was a pleasant surprise for Viking fans everywhere, as the quarterback is known for being very average. New Orleans is also always a middle of the road team, and that seems to remain the case this year as well.

6. David Johnson, JJ Watt, Allen Robinson, and Eric Berry Injured

The Arizona running back and the Houston Texans Defensive end both suffered setbacks this past week that caused them to leave the game early, and it could be bad news for both teams and fantasy owners alike. The running back should return later in the season, but Watt will “just tape it up.” I guess if you can’t see the bone sticking through the finger, you’re good. Unfortunately for Allen Robinson and Eric Berry, their seasons are over with lower extremity injuries.

5. Oakland Offense Looks Scary

Derrick Carr, Marshawn Lynch and Amari Cooper proved to be too much for the Titans this past week, and Oakland could be the team to watch in the AFC this year, as the offense may be a little hot to handle.

4. Hurricanes Affect League

The postponing of Tampa Bay and Miami’s game and the emotional playing of the game in Houston showed that the NFL is even affected by the terrible disasters these past few weeks. For the case of the Buccaneers and Dolphins, this means they will be playing 16-straight games without a bye week. Yikes.

3. How Good Are the Chiefs?

The Chiefs went into Foxboro as underdogs and left victorious over the reigning Super Bowl champions, who many thought had a legitimate shot at a perfect season. Andy Reid has been known to prepare his teams better than anybody on opening day or off a bye week, so the win isn’t as shocking as much of the media has made it seem. Unfortunately for Kansas City, they lost their defensive captain, Eric Berry, to a season-ending injury. So now, after the Berry injury and considering that Reid always prepares his teams after an off-week, just how good are the Chiefs?

2. Are the Patriots in Trouble?

If we’re asking how good the Chiefs are, we also should check up on the reigning champs. Are they in trouble? They have suffered some crucial injuries and were completely embarrassed on Thursday. The game began with the Patriots taking one more jab at the Falcons by showing 28-3 on their scoreboard. The game ended with the Chiefs going on a run of, you guessed it, 28-3 to beat the Pats. Are they in trouble? Not exactly. But is there reason for concern? Absolutely.

Credit: David J. Phillip/AP

1. Division Leaders?

Week one is officially in the books, and it’s a bit comical to look at the standings. The Jaguars got the win, meaning they have a winning record for the first time since September 2011. This also means that they have better records than the Patriots and Seahawks! The Jaguars, Bills, and Rams sit alone atop their divisions. Let’s end on that, because there is absolutely nothing that can top it.

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