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Why Aaron Rodgers Hasn’t Announced His Plans and Why He Doesn’t Have to Tomorrow

Ah yes, let’s continue to talk about Aaron Rodgers. He is currently contemplating his future plans in the NFL. Since his decision-making hasn’t fit the timeline of media members, they are now calling Rodgers selfish and comparing this to the Brett Favre saga.

It was declared by morons in the sports media industry that he would announce his plans two weeks ago. He didn’t. As a result, they declared he wanted $50M. Unfortunately, Rodgers actually spoke out to dispute this claim. Now, the same people are declaring tomorrow is the day he will announce all of his plans.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, which is also known as reality, but Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have to do a single thing tomorrow. In fact, you shouldn’t expect he will, and that’s okay.

NFL Franchise Tag Deadline

The NFL Franchise Tag Deadline is tomorrow, March 8th. Obviously, one of the biggest names in the NFL that is projected to get the franchise tag is Davante Adams. In a previous interview on the Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers noted that his decision impacted the decisions of others. He was aware of when the franchise tag had to be given out, which is why he said he didn’t believe his decision would be drawn out.

The NFL Franchise Tag Deadline tomorrow is also the sole reason why everyone is again proclaiming we will get a Rodgers decision tomorrow. And if it doesn’t happen, Rodgers will be labeled as the most selfish player in the league. Again, because the reporters were wrong (how dare he?).

But even the most clueless media members can’t think Rodgers was saying he needed to sign an extension before Adams got the franchise tag, right?

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Aaron Rodgers is Standing With Davante Adams

If Aaron Rodgers is to sign an extension to play for the Green Bay Packers for the next three to four years, he wants to make sure he will be playing alongside the most talented wide receiver in the NFL. If Davante Adams is to sign a long-term extension with the Packers, he wants to make sure he will be catching passes from the most talented quarterback in NFL history for the next few years. These two are a package deal for the Pack, and they cannot get one without the other.

Yes, Rodgers is contemplating his future in Green Bay. However, the final factor in his decision may not be some mental hurdle he has to get over. Instead, he is using his power to get Adams a long-term extension, as he said he didn’t want to play on the tag. However, the contract talks with the Packers have been difficult, as apparently, the two parties had a different belief as to what “highest-paid receiver” meant. So, when there’s a report about Rodgers being offered a massive extension, it does not matter if Adams isn’t there as well. And when Rodgers said he was hoping he would have his decision by March 8th, he was saying he hopes Adams and the Packers agree to an extension instead of defaulting to the franchise tag.

Recently, the new Rodgers report was that he was not deciding IF he wanted to play, but rather WHERE he wanted to play. This news leak is leverage for Adams. If Adams gets the franchise tag, maybe he would like to play somewhere that has more security to compete for multiple seasons. If Adams signs a long-term deal, then Green Bay would have that ability.

Why Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Need to Decide Tomorrow

If Adams gets the franchise tag tomorrow, that doesn’t mean it is locked it for the season. There are still negotiations to be had. It would lock in the fact that the Packers hold Adams’ rights, but he still has time to sign it, and an extension could happen before then. So, Rodgers could continue to use his influence to help Adams in his negotiations.

Once Adams signs an extension or the talks have progressed to a point where the outlook is a positive one, Rodgers should sign an extension and Randall Cobb should re-work his contract as well. However, if Adams and Gutekunst continue to not be on the same page, then Rodgers may look to win a Super Bowl in Denver and hope his buddy Davante Adams joins him in a year or two.

Per last offseason’s discussions between Rodgers and Gutekunst, the Packers said they would help trade Rodgers this offseason if the situation was not at a place he was happy with. However, everything so far this offseason has said the Packers are not willing to trade him. We’ll see if the Packers act in bad faith with Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams or if they give a little to get a lot.

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