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Aaron Rodgers Denies Reports That He Wants $50M

Surprise, surprise. A narrative about Aaron Rodgers is spreading like a wildfire. Yet, the only support for the report being true is an anonymous source. Well, a not-so-anonymous source has come out to deny the Rodgers report of him wanting to be the highest-paid player in the NFL. The source? Oh, it’s Aaron Rodgers.

False Report of Rodgers Wanting $50M

I’ll start by saying Dianna Russini is one of the best “insiders” at ESPN. She is correct more often than not. However, she has taken the Adam Schefter role and made herself look like an ass.

Insiders, especially those at ESPN, are used by teams and league sources to push a narrative. This narrative that they are pushing is reported as news, when it’s not that at all. Russini first came out and said Aaron Rodgers would make his decision soon. Thanks, Dianna, for the non-news report during a slow day. She then has said Rodgers wants to be the highest-paid player in the NFL, seeking upwards of $50M per season.

Russini was likely told this information, so she’s not lying. However, who is this anonymous league source? Is it Greg Jennings, who continues to make himself look like a moron? Is it a team whose fans are wanting them to trade for Rodgers? Getting this narrative out there would give these teams something to point to when they don’t trade for Aaron Rodgers, since they can say “oh, he would’ve wanted $50M, so that’s why you’re stuck with Carson Wentz again.”

It could also be the Packers looking to control the narrative once again. If they don’t get Rodgers back, this is another fan-dividing report that makes them look good.

Aaron Rodgers Denies ESPN Report

Unfortunately for ESPN and all of the NFL sources that hate Aaron Rodgers, he actually spoke out. This time, it was Pat McAfee that texted him about the report. From the man of the hour, he denied the report, with McAfee saying “categorically false.”

Strange. Was it another accumulation of information, or was it a slow news day? Possibly both. Either way, it was another false report about Aaron Rodgers, which happens all too often.

It seems like the same people “reporting” and complaining about Rodgers demanding to get paid $50 million are the same people who declared him retired on Tuesday. A few days prior to that, they said he was getting traded out of Green Bay.

I stand by my actual reporting and sources that have been consistently correct about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Please, quit feeding into the false reports, misleading journalism and overall morons that make up the Packer “ownership” group. Between FlurrySports articles, Twitter posts and our Packer podcast Lombardi Sweep, we do not spread misinformation here.

As always, everybody, except for Mike Florio, have a good weekend. Well, Putin can shove it too.

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