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What is Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares?

It’s that time of year once again! It’s Super Bowl week and time to sign up for Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares. In a previous article, we discussed how to play Super Bowl Squares. Rocket Mortgage Squares is the same thing, except there is much more money at stake.

What is Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares?

There are over one million dollars up for grabs in this year’s Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares. Best of all, it’s free to sign up! Skip below for your free chance at one of two grand prizes this season.

First, let’s go over what is Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares.

The Rocket Mortgage Squares contest is super easy. Once you sign up, you will reserve your square. The numbers for your square are revealed on Saturday, February 12th. You will be given a link you can share with your friend. If they sign up with your link, you can earn up to 10 extra squares!

Every score change during Super Bowl LVI is a chance to win $50,000. Each time there’s a touchdown, extra point, 2-point conversion, field goal and safety, we’ll draw one lucky winner from the corresponding square. You’ll also automatically have two chances to win a grand prize of $500,000 just for entering!

what is rocket mortgage super bowl squares

Rocket Mortgage Squares Sign Up

Rocket Mortgage Squares is 100% free, so it’s wise to sign up before you forget! CLICK THIS LINK to get your free entry, and don’t forget to share your link with your friends and family to earn bonus entries! We’ve been told that you could earn some super secret special bonus luck if you share this article too.

How to Play Super Bowl Squares

Rocket Mortgage Squares is a spin-off of the typical Super Bowl Squares. We have an article explaining how to play Super Bowl Squares, if you want more chances to win money on Sunday. FlurrySports even has a free printable Super Bowl Squares template for you to use.

Super Bowl Betting Offers

If you’re looking for more action on Sunday, you’re in luck. FlurrySports has already gathered the top Super Bowl betting odds and promotions for you to claim free money to bet with! There’s no money better than free money, so don’t let these offers slip through your fingers. You’re welcome, and good luck this weekend!

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