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What are the Necessary Things Do You Need for Playing Gaga Ball?

Gaga Ball

If you have a hyperactive kid who loves active playground sports, then you have reached the right place. Gaga ball is now a popular game played on school and university campuses.

A different variation of dodgeball, this exciting game was first invented in Israel in 1970. It is a lot safer game compared to dodgeball. Hence, it is trending in many schools’ physical education classes and educational camps.

There are a few things you may need when playing gaga ball. Read on if you want to know more about this fun game.

Things You Need to Start a Game of Gaga Ball

A recent news article by the Canadian publication CBC reported Eliot River Elementary School kids in Cornwall playing this exciting game.

Here is the essential equipment you need when playing gaga ball.

Referee: When kids are playing the game, an older adult will act as the referee. It can be a school teacher, a counselor, a supervisor, or a parent.

Players: A gaga ball game needs a team of six to twelve players.

Gaga Ball Pit: It is a large area surrounded by a fence. It can be octagonal or hexagonal. The pit is filled with smooth sand or dirt.

It can also be turf or a rubberized surface. You must choose the best surface which makes the ball bounce.

Gaga Ball: The game can be played with any bouncing ball like soccer, basketball, or volleyball. You can choose a lightweight ball or foam-filled ball to ensure kids’ safety during the game.

How to Start a Gaga Ball Game?

  • The players enter the pit, and each one places a hand on the pit’s wall.
  • Once all the players are ready, the referee throws the ball inside the pit.
  • After the first two bounces, the players shout ‘GA,’ and they say ‘Go’ to start the game after the third bounce.
  • Each player will try and hit an opponent with the ball. They can use their open or closed hand.
  • If the gaga ball hits a player above the knee, they can remain in the pit. If the gaga ball hits a player below the knee, they are out and should leave the game.
  • If the ball is caught before it starts bouncing, the hit player is out.
  • If the ball goes out of the gaga pit, then the last player who touched the ball is out of the game.

Basic Rules of Playing Gaga Ball

Here are the basic rules that you must follow while playing gaga ball.

  • A player can hit the gaga ball only once. Double touches are not allowed. They can only touch it again after the ball hits another player or hits the wall.
  • Players should use only one hand to hit the ball. They cannot catch with both hands, throw it, or kick it with the hand.
  • Players can take the support of the wall to jump higher and escape getting hit. They cannot sit on the wall.
  • When only two players are left in the pit, the ball can be hit continuously three times.
  • A second ball can also be thrown in to speed up the game if the game takes too long to finish.
  • The last person to save himself from getting hit is the winner of the game.

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