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Week 3 Survivor Picks | NFL Picks

If you are unaware what NFL survivor picks are, the basic concept is you make NFL picks throughout the season, but you can only pick a team once. Once you lose, you’re knocked out, so choose your Week 3 survivor picks wisely.

Last week, I went 3-0 with picks and am currently 5-1 on the season. Thanks a lot, D’Andre Swift… Week 2 saw a lot of injuries, which is going to hinder some of my picks. With an interesting slate of games this weekend, I am going to change the layout of my article. There will be a “lock” of the week — a team that I believe is a shoe-in to win. With the lock of the week, I will not pick the same team twice, to continue with the survivor rules. A “value” pick — a team that may be an average team who has a good matchup. And a “high risk, high reward” pick — a lesser-skilled team that may be the sleeper pick for the week.  

With that in mind, here are my NFL Week 3 survivor picks.

NFL Week 3 Survivor Picks | NFL Picks

Lock of the Week | Week 3 Survivor Picks

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets

I am going to continue my trend here with taking my number one team, based on their matchup with the New York Jets. The Jets are a horrible team. They have no offense, no defense and no special teams. Trevor Lawrence is going to look great in Jets’ green. The Indianapolis Colts are a solid football team, and I fully expect that Jonathan Taylor gets a ton of carries this game. Philip Rivers will look to have a big week, as he can play his gambling style of play against a poor Jets defense. Look for the Colts to once again dominate like they did against the Vikings last time out. Don’t overthink this pick; take the Colts here. The Colts are also a team that may be shaky to keep around later in the season. Take them here and survive another week. 

Value Pick of the Week | Week 3 Survivor Picks

Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles

The Cincinnati Bengals are a team that people will not want to touch this season, due to them being an average team with question marks surrounding them. If you are on the fence about the Bengals, this week is a good opportunity to get them out of the way. The Philadelphia Eagles are injured, the defense is not good and Carson Wentz cannot make short, easy throws. I fully believe this to be the game that Joe Burrow answers all of the questions that people have surrounding him. The Eagles are so depleted at the receiver position that DeSean Jackson is their number one receiver.

With the Bengals struggling on defense, this game has potential to be a shootout, but the Eagles are down too many pieces to keep up with a potential-filled Bengals offense. Look for Burrow to establish himself as an NFL quarterback this week, with a signature win over the Eagles. 

High Risk High Reward | Week 3 Survivor Picks

New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers

Now, I know what you are saying, “Luke, the Giants are horrible and they just lost their only good player,” This New York Giants pick is more of a pick against the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have not looked like the team that they were last season. They lost Soloman Thomas, Nick Bosa, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert and Jimmy Garropolo last week, and George Kittle still dealing with an injury, while Deebo Samuel and Richard Sherman are also still out. The reports are out that the 49ers are weary about playing at MetLife due to the turf not being playable. If the 49ers want to succeed for the rest of the season, it makes sense that they wouldn’t take the risk of playing their star players on a field that they aren’t fully satisfied with.

This could be a big risk taking the Giants here as a Week 3 survivor pick, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t take the 49ers. 

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