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Dan Quinn the Magician? | NFL Week 2 Overreaction Monday

Wow. There was so much that happened in Week 2 that freaking out and taking things to the extreme for this article isn’t even a challenge. What is challenging, however, will be to limit ourselves on this “Overreaction Monday.”

However, we’ll do our best.

If you want a refresher of what this weekly article is, check out Week 1. In short, I hate mainstream sports media and how they overreact to create stories that generate shares and clicks. This is me mocking them, as the majority of the arguments will have zero depth. However, they will still have at least some sort of evidence backing them up, since we don’t need to stoop all the way down to their level.

Enough of this incredibly interesting ramble that is going nowhere. It’s time for Overreaction Monday for Week 2 in the NFL.

Dan Quinn Falcons
Credit: Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports

NFL Week 2 Overreaction Monday

No Preseason, More Injuries

We know that the offseason workouts were abbreviated due to COVID restrictions, which also led to no preseason games. Many were scared we would get terrible football. While that may not be the case, those arguing it would lead to more injuries certainly have a valid argument after this week (though, don’t ask them why this didn’t happen in Week 1).

This week was one of the most overwhelming weeks for injuries in recent memory. The following is a list of players that were out hurt or are expected to miss extended time with injury: Michael Thomas, George Kittle, Raheem Mostert, Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Bosa, Richard Sherman, Saquon Barkley, Soloman Thomas, Courtland Sutton, Le’Veon Bell, Jamison Crowder, Drew Lock, Parris Campbell, Malik Hooker, Byron Jones and many more. That’s a lot of big names.

Dan Quinn Needs to be Fired

Dan Quinn should have been fired last season, and he really should have been fired before leaving the stadium on Sunday. After leading by 19 points at the half, the Falcons went on to blow their lead, including giving up 10 points in the final two minutes.

Of course, the big highlight was the Falcons watching the onside kick roll 10 yards right along with the Cowboys, then getting out of their way for them to recover the kick. The players didn’t know the onside kick rules, and neither did Quinn. He must have a part time gig as a magician, because the fact that he still has a job is pretty damn magical. The he makes leads disappear is straight out of Hogwarts as well.

Packers Have the Best Offense

Number never lie. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who has a stat that backs up their argument. The Green Bay Packers have racked up 85 points and over 1,000 yards through the first two weeks of the NFL season. It may be Overreaction Monday, but stats are stats! These numbers also include them beating up the “elite” Minnesota Vikings! Don’t pay attention to how they’ve played this season. Only listen to the experts that continue to call them elite, regardless of who is on the field for their team.

Rams Look Like a Super Bowl Team Again

After petering out in the Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams had a bit of a hangover season in 2019, struggling on the offensive end. After a few key moves this offseason, they look poised at another Super Bowl run. What screams championship louder than beating two NFC East teams?

In Week 2, the Rams were dominant, putting up 37 points and 449 total yards on the Philadelphia Eagles. Let’s forget that the Eagles were beaten by a team with no name just a week ago.

Marcus Peters Had the Play of the Year

I’ve seen almost two full weeks of football, so I think that’s plenty to call this not only the prettiest interception of the week, but also the play of the year! But jokes aside, this was pretty spectacular.

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