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USFL Rules and Podcast Taking You Inside the USFL

Players have arrived in Birmingham, Alabama for the inaugural season of the new USFL. After many meetings, practices will begin shortly. We also have the USFL rules being unveiled today, which offer a bit of creativity.

It seems clear that the NFL is using these newer leagues to test out rules before adding them to the big league. So, the USFL could be giving us insight into what NFL football will look like in a couple of years.

Below, we have the new announced USFL rules. We also have the first episode of Inside the USFL, which is a podcast by FlurrySports that will be giving you an inside look at the USFL from someone on the inside!

USFL Rules

Overtime Rules

Of all the USFL rules, the one fans want to see most is for overtime, since the NFL needs to change theirs. In the USFL, it will be a best-of-three format from the two-yard line, with a sudden death after that. There will be no ties.

Clock Rules

In order to create more plays inside the final two minutes of each half, thus creating more excitement, first downs will stop the clock.

Extra Points

Much like the NFL, the USFL rules will be the same for the PAT or two-point conversion. However, teams can back up their two-point conversion attempt to the 10-yard line and go for three points.

Kickoffs and Punts

Kickoffs will be from the 25-yard line and the kicking team doesn’t get a running head start. The receiving team must also follow the alignment rules below. The kicking team cannot recover a kickoff.

For punts, gunners cannot line up outside the numbers. They also cannot be double-team blocked by the receiving team until the ball is kicked.

Onside Kick

The USFL rules do not include an onside kick. However, if a team wishes to retain possession following a score, they can choose to attempt a 4th and 12 play from their own 33-yard line. A failed attempt would immediately put the opponent in a scoring position.

Pass Interference

There have been plenty of headaches surrounding the pass interference penalty in the NFL. For the USFL, the rules are outlined below.

Forward Pass

This rule is an interesting wrinkle that will open up more offensive creativity. Now, offenses are allowed two forward passes behind the line of scrimmage instead of one.

Instant Replay

The final rule released by the USFL today is about instant replay. The USFL Replay Command in Los Angeles will be all replay decisions to ensure consistent and fast rulings. Additionally, each coach will have one challenge.

Inside the USFL Podcast

On Inside the USFL, Zach Brunner is joined by Birmingham Stallions center Jordan McCray. The two will be giving you an inside look at the new football league and answering all of the questions you submit to the show!

With McCray having experience in the NFL, AAF, XFL, USFL, Indoor and Arena leagues, there will be discussions about football at every level. So, ask the questions you would like to know about as we giving you a look at football fans have never seen before!

The first episode is available to listen to on Spotify here. However, it should be available wherever you listen to podcasts, as well as on YouTube. Submit your questions on YouTube or @InsideUSFL on Twitter.

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