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Trends in the Australian Casino Industry

Despite the current situation of the Casino industry in Australia, this perhaps shines a spotlight on several other top casino platforms for the Australian market.

The Australian casino market for online gamblers might look like right choppy waters in the first instance, however, there are many fantastic operators out there giving Aussie gamblers a bespoke casino experience while playing online. With them come great perks and a state-of-the-art platform to enjoy a large variety of live casinos, pokies, video games, and many more awesome casino games. 

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The Statistics from Covid-19 

Globally, the casino industry recorded a loss of a whopping $14.2 million per day as its doors remain shut during the period of the pandemic. However, according to a recent study, it was discovered that Australians were spending sixty-two percent (62%) more on gambling -more than the amount spent at the same time in the previous year. This is due to the fact that more Aussies switched to online platforms to continue gambling

Also, a new study on the global casino industry revealed that Australia is the 5th worst-hit country in the world in the casino sector, seeing Nevada as the top worst-hit country as it recorded a daily loss of 46.2 million. The study also estimated that the top 20 casinos in Australia often rake in as much as $7152 every minute.

Adoption of Online Gambling

As the COVID-19 led to more economic and global health crises, governments are forced to impose stringent social distancing and lockdown measures to curtail the spread of the virus. Therefore, with most places and non-essential services being shut closed, including casinos, gamblers and gamers have rapidly shifted from traditional betting to online and virtual platforms. This of course led to a boost in the online gambling community as well as the market growth within the process. For example, it was established by Concordia University, Canada, that Australia’s spending on casinos from the internet rose by 67% in April 2020. This saw some betting platforms like Casino Rocket operates in Australia experience a surge in users as more Aussies switched to betting online.

By implication, the coronavirus pandemic has therefore proved favorable for the casino market, making it possible to record a CAGR of 11.2% and climb to a value of $74.17 billion in the year 2021.

Australians are big-time lottery players. They have players spend more time and money on the games than they would rather spend on playing pokies. Interestingly, most lottery products and platforms have since moved into the virtual space with many of them being owned by non-profits, private companies, and the government. 

Other Gamblings in Australia

Australians spend over $15 billion on wagers on a yearly basis on thoroughbred races. Racing is just a bit behind only rugby and football in terms of popularity, with over 2 million per year in attendance. There are approximately 350 registered and approved racecourses in the whole of Australia, more than there are in any other country. Australians spend over $4 billion per year on gambling on greyhound races and about 40,000 or more contests are held per year. The contests are regulated and controlled by state authorities. The richest and by far the most famous dog race in the world is the Melbourne Cup for greyhounds with a total worth of over 600,000 Australian dollars.

Many top casino companies are now targeting the Australian population and this has led to increasing in more pokies and casino choices available to the AU gamblers. 

The casino industry in Australia is an interesting one and as more innovations come into virtual technology, it is important that casino companies innovate their betting platforms in order to attract more Aussie gamblers.

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