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Top Ten Superstars on Smackdown LIVE Right Now

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In the world of WWE, it can be easy to take for granted just how good the stars are. When the flash and glamour of the brand wears off, we can begin to see that WWE is the biggest company in the world of wrestling for a reason. That reason is the athletic and charismatic men, women, and teams who make up the rosters of the sport. So at this half way point of 2017, it’s time we look at the top stars of Smackdown LIVE, RAW, and NXT to see who stands at the top of WWE.

So, let’s begin by seeing which stars rise to the top of Smackdown LIVE.

10. Randy Orton

 wwe randy orton rko GIF


The former WWE champion is still as popular as ever, but is coming off a string of losses to Jinder Mahal that knocks him down this list. Have no fear though, Orton is a mainstay in the main event and he won’t wait long to chase the title again.

9. Baron Corbin

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Mr. Money in the Bank has been slowly climbing the ranks of Smackdown. With a confrontation with John Cena this past week, it might be time for Corbin to truly steal the spotlight at SummerSlam. While he hasn’t done quite as much as those ahead of him on this list, the Lone Wolf could be leading the pack soon.

8. The Usos


The Usos are doing some of their best work in the WWE right now as heels with attitude. Their rivalry with the New Day is must-see television and they are putting good matches in on a regular basis. Though their recent title loss drops them to eight on this list, here’s hoping the Usos stay in the title picture for awhile. 

7. Kevin Owens

 kevin owens GIF


In the middle of an intense rivalry for the United States title, KO has been a fixture to Smackdown since arriving to the blue brand. The “New Face of America” is one of the most despicable heels on the roster and he provides consistent promos that show just how good he is. How long before Owens grabs gold again? Not long I’m sure.

6. Shinsuke Nakamura


The newly crowned number one contender to the WWE title has shot up the rankings of Smackdown in his first couple months with the brand. While Nakamura hasn’t been around long, he remains the best striker on the roster. His matches stand apart from the crowd, and soon, the king of Strong Style might be the WWE champion. Wow.

5. Jinder Mahal

Credit: hindustantimes

The WWE champion comes into number five on our list. While I wish I could get the champ higher on the list, he just doesn’t quite have the prestige of those yet to be revealed. That said, the surprising champion has done better than I would have ever imagined with the title. Mahal is a good heel, and the Singh Brothers add an extra element of drama to his matches that make you scream for his opponent to come out on top. By the time his reign comes to an end, Mahal may just be a legitimate player in WWE.

4. John Cena

Saturday Night Live snl saturday night live season 42 john cena GIF


The Face that Runs the Place had to be near the top. Cena is still too big of an attraction to slip any lower on this list, despite his lack of championship. While technically a free agent, Cena has done all of his work on Smackdown so far. His work has been great and Cena isn’t done being the best quite yet. A feud with Baron Corbin and eventually a trip to RAW are on the horizon for Cena, and something tells me he’ll come out on top in the end. He always does.

3. The New Day

 the new day GIF


The Tag Team Champs are here!!! The power of positivity is infectious as ever, and this team never ceases to entertain. While New Day is a great show on the mic, their matches are usually some of the best as well. I wouldn’t mind at all if they hold the belts for a long time.

2. Naomi


The Women’s Champion has been in a league of her own recently on Smackdown LIVE. She has been able to turn away all challengers and continues to get better in the ring and on the mic. Her feel the glow gimmick is one of the most entertaining in all of WWE right now and the future certainly looks “bright” for the champ.

1. AJ Styles

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The US Champ had to be the best of Smackdown LIVE. With the US title being featured so prominently recently, AJ is on top of the mountain as champ. He continues to prove he is the best in the ring, on the mic, and doing just about anything. Smackdown is after-all, the house that A.J. Styles built.

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