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Top NFL Wide Receiver Free Agents Still Available

The big wave of NFL Free Agency already swept across the league. We also recently completed the 2022 NFL Draft, which allowed many teams to fill obvious holes. However, there are still some wide receiver-needy teams and big-name NFL wide receiver free agents still available.

There is no rush for these players to sign with teams quickly, but you can bet there are many teams speaking with them and trying to recruit their services. Let’s take a look at the top NFL wide receiver free agents still available, as of May 9th.

Top NFL Wide Receiver Free Agents Still Available odell beckham jr.
Credit: Matt Pendleton/USA TODAY Sports

NFL Wide Receiver Free Agents Still Available

Odell Beckham Jr. (Age: 29)

The top NFL wide receiver free agent still available is Super Bowl champion Odell Beckham Jr. The last time we saw him, OBJ was making a case to win Super Bowl MVP. Unfortunately, a torn ACL knocked him out of that game and likely out for the start of this season. Still, Beckham proved with the Rams that he has plenty left in the tank, and it was the Browns holding him down instead of the other way around.

Jarvis Landry (29)

Also a victim of the Browns, Jarvis Landry is available and should be treated as a free agent wide receiver to target. We have seen Landry be a great leader and culture guy in the locker room. He is also able to do many things on the field for the offense. Yes, Landry has battled injuries the past couple of seasons. However, he will likely be a high-value signing for someone.

Julio Jones (33)

Speaking of injuries, Julio Jones is no stranger. The change of scenery did not treat Jones well last season, playing only 10 games for the Tennessee Titans. His touchdown struggles also carried over to Music City, as he scored only one touchdown last season. However, it is still Julio Jones. If Jones is able to stay healthy, he will be a valuable asset to any offense, as he demands the attention and respect of the defense every time he steps onto the field.

Will Fuller (28)

Obviously, Will Fuller V is a walking injury risk. He played two games last season (who remembers that?), and Fuller never played more than 14 games for the Houston Texans. Prior to last season, Fuller missed an average of 6.25 games in the previous four seasons. However, everyone knows about the injury risk, including him, so the contract he signs will be incentive-based for his future team, limiting the financial risk. When healthy, Fuller is able to stretch the defense and be incredibly productive, so there is a chance he becomes a major contributor to a team this upcoming season.

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T.Y. Hilton (32)

We have also seen T.Y. Hilton stretch the field and give defenses nightmares. In fact, he earned the nickname “Ghost” because he disappears and gets behind the defense. However, due to injuries and age catching up to him, Hilton has not been the same player the past couple of seasons. Does he have anything left? Probably, but he shouldn’t be asked to play a major role anymore.

Cole Beasley (33)

It’s clear Cole Beasley can still play. He’s garnered over 100 targets in each of the past three seasons for the Buffalo Bills, serving as the security blanket underneath for Josh Allen. Beasley was also often the go-to guy on third down or late in the game when the offense needs to make a play. That should tell you how valuable he can still be. Suddenly, the NFL has a surplus of slot receivers, but there are still teams that could use a possession receiver underneath.

Emmanuel Sanders (35)

It feels a little strange to see Emmanuel Sanders is already 35 years old, but he has been around for a long time. He has also played at a high level and has been a winner for a very long time. Sanders seems to win everywhere he goes, but he is no longer the every-down guy. So, he could be a tough fit on many rosters. Still, averaging over 44 yards per game last season, he can fill a role for a team and obviously be a great mentor in the receiver room.

Keelan Cole (29)

While he won’t show up on many lists for top NFL wide receiver free agents still available, Keelan Cole shows up on ours. Cole is a versatile receiver who suffered on the New York Jets last season after spending his first four seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Get Keelan Cole on a good offense. No, he’s not a difference-maker, but he is a quality receiver who has also had some success on special teams, which would be very valuable for many teams.

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