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Top 10 Things to Watch in the WWE Right Now

Credit: WWE

November is a great time of year to be a WWE fan. Survivor Series always seems to be a spark for stale storylines to be left behind and new focuses to arrive. This year is no different, as an invasion angle between Smackdown and RAW has once again turned everything upside down. Add in the fact that NXT men’s and tag team division is at a level of drama and talent we haven’t seen since Balor, Samoa Joe, and the Revival were ruling the roost. Also, who can’t be interested in who fills the ginormous shadow Asuka’s departure leaves for the NXT Women. All of these variables add up to an amazing season for fans of wrestling, and here are the ten most of the most intriguing things to watch for in WWE right now.

1. The Newguard Will Take-Over Soon

Smackdown Live has built solid characters out of the top talents in their women’s division. The sheer amount of young talent on Smackdown makes the fact that Natalya is champion all the more perplexing. There is no denying that Natalya is a great heel who gets good heat, but Carmella and especially Charlotte have shown they can be even better baddies than the Queen of Harts. If Smackdown lets Charlotte, Carmella, Naomi or Becky Lynch run the show on Tuesday nights they are easily set up to become a hot-bed for great feuds and even better matches in a time where WWE should refocus on their incredible female talents.

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