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The Philadelphia Eagles Get Their (Backup) QB

The Philadelphia Eagles have been looking for another QB to pair with Jalen Hurts. They haven’t made many moves this offseason, but this is one they had to make. They chose to sign Joe Flacco to a one year, $3.5 million guaranteed deal, which can go up to four million.

The money on the deal is a little surprising. Flacco only received $1.5 million from the Jets last year and didn’t exactly light the world on fire there. He completed just 55% of his passes, and although his TD:INT ratio of 6:3 wasn’t bad, he also only threw for 172 yards per game. 

On the other hand, $3.5 million for a backup really isn’t that much. Case Keenum is getting $6 million, Jameis Winston is getting 5.5 and Jacoby Brissett just signed a contract for $5 million. Combined with the fact that Jalen Hurts is only getting $1.5 million, the Eagles have among the cheapest QB rooms in the league.

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What Does Joe Flacco Offer?

Since his magical Super Bowl run, Flacco hasn’t been a great QB overall. Since 2012, he’s posted 122 touchdowns to 88 interceptions, 242.7 yards per game and a passer rating of 82.5. The last time he had a winning record as a QB was 2017. That’s not an encouraging picture, if Philadelphia needed Flacco to play. As it is, that’s perfect for the Eagles. While the Birds (and their fans) love their backup QBs, Jalen Hurts will have to get injured or really be horrendous for fans to clamor for the 36-year-old veteran. 

It doesn’t benefit anyone for Hurts to constantly be looking over his shoulder. Additionally, as a veteran who’s seen it all, Flacco should have words of wisdom for Hurts. Flacco was a critical part of a championship team, and that brings invaluable insight. While there was a controversy with Flacco not wanting to help Drew Lock, Flacco was a starter at that point. He has had neck surgery and a backup stint with the Jets since then, and he said he was willing to mentor Sam Darnold last year. 

Final Thoughts Eagles Signing Flacco

It’s a little more money than I feel completely comfortable with, but at the end of the day, it’s a one year deal in what is most likely a lost season. Flacco is also that perfect sweet spot of age and skill level that won’t threaten Jalen Hurts, but is better than someone like Nate Sudfeld. The fans know Flacco won’t be the solution and we know exactly what he is at this point. He can fill in somewhat competently when needed, and act as second coach for Hurts. That’s all the Eagles need.

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