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Devin Funchess Has a Message That Will Make Packer Fans Hyped

With Green Bay Packers fans asking for the front office to sign a wide receiver during the 2020 NFL Free Agency, the team made the move to sign Devin Funchess to a cheap, prove-it deal. However, due to the pandemic, Funchess’ Packers debut was delayed, as he opted out of last season. His decision was ultimately met with frustration, since the only move the Packers made to improve the wide receiver corps was then wiped away.

Funchess appears ready to make it up to Packer Nation. This offseason, he took a pay cut to remain with the team. The veteran wide receiver also took to Twitter today with a message that will make Packer fans hyped and ready to see him in Green and Gold.

Devin Funchess Facing Adversity

The past few years have brought Funchess a great amount of adversity on and off the field. Noted by his tweet above, his family was impacted by COVID-19, which is why he opted out of the 2020 season. It’s important to remember that NFL players are people too. Not only is Funchess’ mindset to choose family over money respectable, it shows he will fit perfectly into the Green Bay Packers culture and be an overall great locker room presence.

Prior to the pandemic, Funchess had adversity on the field as well. The veteran struggled in 2018 with the Carolina Panthers, finishing the year with 44 catches for 549 yards and four touchdowns. Injuries to not only himself, but his quarterback impacted this performance.

Credit: Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Needing a change of scenery and a redemption, Funchess bet on himself and signed a one-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts. After three catches for 32 yards, he suffered another injury. Funchess broke his collarbone in Week 1, putting him out for the rest of season.

He signed with the Packers for redemption. Now, Devin Funchess is ready.

What Can Devin Funchess Bring to the Packers?

Looking at his Instagram video above, Devin Funchess is one large man. Listed at 6-4, 225 pounds, he is going to be a fantastic red zone weapon opposite of Davante Adams. Once Funchess develops chemistry with Aaron Rodgers and knows what he is looking for during broken plays, Green Bay’s red zone offense may be impossible to stop. Matt LaFleur won’t need to make bad decisions with field goals anymore.

Not only is Funchess a large, athletic receiver capable of going up and making a play, he can also be a strong blocker. Many forget Funchess was a tight end in college. While he’s no Marcedes Lewis, his presence will still lead to some crucial downfield blocks this season.

Funchess brings intelligence, experience and an athletic body to the wide receiver corps. Best of all, his return makes it so signing or drafting another wide receiver isn’t a priority. The Packers had the best offense in the league without him last season. Adding Funchess to the mix will only improve on this play-action scheme the Packers run.

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