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The 3 Best NFL Players Of 2022

When looking at the top players in the NFL of 2022, we have to consider what some of these players will be dealing with for this season alone. A notable mention would be Aaron Rodgers. While I do think he is very worthy of being on this list, I do not see him as it stands today as one of the best players. Losing Davante Adams and essentially starting over with a new offensive coordinator will keep him off of my list just slightly. Week 1 is almost here, so you better lock in the best NFL predictions today.

The 3 Best NFL Players Of 2022

Best NFL Player: #3- Josh Allen

Year in and year out Josh Allen has continued to elevate his game. Buffalo has the majority of its core back on offense. I am confident that after the devastating loss to Kansas City in the playoffs, there will be some extra motivation in getting the job done. I expect Josh Allen to once again be right in the thick of the MVP Race and possibly win it. His passing numbers fell off slightly last season, but his rushing numbers saw a significant rise. Josh Allen should be hungry to win that MVP this season, and I would not be a bit surprised to see him do just that.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Team Names 2022 best nfl players
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Best NFL Player: #2- Patrick Mahomes 

I know what you are thinking…I took Aaron Rodgers off of this list due to the fact he lost Davante Adams, and now I am adding a QB that just lost Tyreek Hill. Here is the difference. The Chiefs have Andy Reid who is an offensive genius. They also added JuJu Smith-Schuster which will help them with having a guy that can stretch the field. He is not Tyreek Hill, but he is an experienced and proven player. Factor in that they still have Travis Kelce who is arguably one of the biggest mismatches in all of the NFL, and I think it is safe to keep Patrick Mahomes on this list. With the Chargers, Raiders and Broncos all having extremely high expectations this season, I still think the Mahomes/Kelce combination is just way too much to handle. 

Best NFL Player: #1- Aaron Donald

Defense wins championships. We have all heard that phrase over and over and over…Aaron Donald might have single-handedly proven that to be the case on his amazing effort to pressure Joe Burrow and cause him to throw an incompletion as the Rams became Super Bowl Champions. Donald is now paid and happy. I expect him to play even more loose and with even less pressure now that he has accomplished more than any defensive lineman could dream of. I am pretty sure sacking/pressuring quarterbacks doesn’t get old for Aaron Donald.

Those are my Best 3 NFL Players of 2022. In an era that is so quarterback-driven and friendly, a defensive lineman has been able to make my (and I’d say many others) list of top 3 NFL players. I think we can all safely agree that these 3 players are the standard for what an elite player looks like.

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