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Pudge’s Arcana Released

Image courtesy of Dota 2 Official Site

Fans of Pudge The Butcher rejoice!

The long awaited arcana for Pudge has been released by Valve. The arcana is called “The Feast of Abscession.” It features a new effect when using Dismember, new walking animation when under haste rune effect, a counter for hook streak, and more!

The Dismember animation will differ depending on the hero it’s used on. If the hero has affinity to ice, then ice will be splattered instead of blood. If it’s an etherial being, then blue blood will, and so on.

Furthermore, in celebration of Pudge’s marginal victory against Rubick in the arcana battle, there is another version of the set if you meet a certain condition. The condition is defeating a team that has Rubick in it 12 times. The set will unlock its other style, “Grand Abscession.”

Image captured from Dota 2 Official Site

The Feast of Abscession can be bought in the steam market or inside the game store. The set will cost you 34.99 USD and is available now.


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