According to some research, about 6.9 million people placed their bets in person through casinos, but millions more make sports bets among their friends. 

With the sports betting becoming more legal as states change their minds, you might be interested in getting into it. 

But what are the best sports to bet on? Thankfully, we can help break it all down for you. 

Horse Racing

You might not think of horse racing as a very exciting sport to bet on, but it can actually provide a lot of big returns. 

Many online sites don’t offer horse race betting, which might be why a lot of people don’t do it. However, if you really don’t want to go in person, you might be able to find a few websites where you can bet online. 

If you’ve never bet on horse racing before, you might think that it seems impossible to win. However, if you are experienced, it can be extremely easy. 

When you start betting on horse racing, you’ll have to learn about all the different horses and figure out everything you can about them. 


Baseball might be one of the hardest sports to bet on, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. 

Baseball has a longer season than most sports do, which means that there is more room for error when betting.  Because of this long season, even the best teams might not make it to the World Series, so if you’re going to bet on baseball, you really need to know all of the stats and information you can. 

However, there are some bets that you can place for a single game. There are a lot of variables, but you might find it easier to focus on a particular game rather than the entire season.

If you’re new to betting on baseball, check out these MLB sports betting strategies


Unlike baseball, soccer is a little bit more straightforward and easier to bet on. 

With soccer, it will be easy to tell who is the stronger team. There are also handicap bets with soccer that can allow the players to remove the draw results from their bets, which is a great advantage to have.

Soccer is easy because there are only three ways that the game can end: with a draw, home win, or an away win. 

This sport is also incredibly popular around the world, meaning that there are all kinds of places you could place bets on. 


Golf might not be the most fascinating sport to watch, but it’s played all around the world. Tiger Woods really helped to make the sport interesting to people, especially the younger generation, and this is when people started betting on golf.

Since then, there have been all kinds of places where you can bet on golf, including online or at events. 

Regardless of which one you choose, there are plenty of things to bet on to keep you entertained. 


Football might be one of the more popular sports to bet on, but it’s also the easiest. 

What makes the game easier than others is that normally the scores don’t go very high.  While you might think one team is going to win, there are plenty of upsets that could happen, which could be good or bad for you. The best way to make sure that you have the best chances of winning the game is to do plenty of thorough research. 

Even if you don’t know a lot about football, it’s really not difficult to learn. You’ll have to learn about the players, who got traded to what team, and also remember all of the stats.

Many people enjoy playing Fantasy Football as well, which is where you can play with a group of people and create your own football teams. Your players will advance based on how the real ones do in the actual games, which is a fun change to regular betting.  

Even if you don’t play Fantasy Football, there are plenty of other places where you can bet on football. You can bet on a whole spread of who’s going to win the games for the day, or you can bet on what you think the scores for a particular game will be. 


Lastly, you can try betting on hockey. Like baseball, this sport will be a little bit more difficult to make a profit on. But, if you know your stuff, it can be easier.

In hockey, the best teams might not make it to the Stanley Cup finals, but the worst teams might. While there seems to be so much uncertainty, it can still be easier to predict than baseball is. 

Hockey is different from other sports betting in that it consists of money lines. When you have a puck line larger than -1.5, you have better odds for winning. You also bet on the total number of goals. With these two strategies combined, you can make a lot of money off betting for hockey. 

Discover More of the Best Sports to Bet On

These are only a few of the best sports to bet on, but there are plenty of other ones that can be just as fun and entertaining!

We know that it can be difficult to know what to bet on, especially if you’re new to the sport. Thankfully, we have you covered!

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