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NXT Results, Highlights and Headlines: 11/2

Below, we have the NXT results from the Tuesday, November 2nd show, along with highlights and headlines coming from tonight.

NXT Results, highlights and headlines from last week’s show

WWE NXT results
Credit: WWE

WWE NXT Results 11/2

Mandy Rose Promo: Has Toxic Attraction attack Zoey Stark and Io Shirai comes to challenge Mandy Rose before they brawl

Duke Hudson’s Poker Room: Cameron Grimes takes all his money

Dakota Kai def. Cora Jade

MSK Promo: They’re searching for their old mentor to get their groove back

Xyon Quinn and Robert Stone Promo: They have a sing-off, yes really

Xyon Quinn def. Robert Stone

Joe Gacy Promo: He promises to change the world

Legado Del Phantasma def. Von Wagoner & Kyle O’Reilly

Andre Chase Promo: Calling him a coward leads to a  teachable moment

Bron Breakker def. Andre Chase

Bron Breakker Promo: Gives props to Ciampa, but promises to win the NXT Championship or die trying

Lashing Out w/ Lash Legend: Tony D’Angelo definitely threatens murder, but is somehow a huge face

Solo Sikoa def. Rama in a squash match

Brooks and Jensen Promo: They were mean at sports and like medium rare steaks, so watch out in the ring

Boa def. Grayson Waller with LA Knight causing a distraction

Tommaso Ciampa Promo: He’s the god of NXT, but Carmelo Hayes came out to say he’s the new leader of NXT

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams def. Johnny Gargano & Dexter Lumis

NXT Highlights From 11/2

Dakota Kai’s Brutality Shines Through

When Dakota Kai made her return to cost Raquel Gonzalez the title, we knew that she was on a warpath. However, the presentation of her character tonight was even more intriguing than expected. She came out before her match and clarified to Mandy Rose she didn’t give her the belt to help her, but rather to “end Raquel.” Then, in her match against Cora Jade, Kai came across as unhinged with wild strikes, and a post-match beat down featuring dragging Jade around the ring and considering stomping her through a table.

However, most interesting was Kai’s decision to not continue the attack on Jade, adding some depth to her brutal character I wasn’t expecting. We’ll see going forward, but Kai has made herself somehow both more dangerous and more complex upon returning, and I think her feud with Gonzalez could be the best thing in NXT if given the time and build it deserves at this juncture.

Xyon Quinn and Robert Stone Was Dumb, But Entertaining

Okay, I could not decide if this was a lowlight or a highlight. On paper, the dumb, hateable Robert Stone getting beat up by Xyon Quinn sounds like it could be fun. But add in a singing contest between the two, because that sounds terrible, right? Well, it honestly was both. I have no idea what they are trying to make Xyon Quinn into, but having him sing Shawn Michaels music then throw Stone like a feather was an… inspired choice. I will say though, Stone is so annoying, that the crowd was really behind Quinn here. They seemed into it throughout, and it was silly enough to make me laugh out loud. I will say if they try to make Xyon Quinn serious after this, then I’ll have a really hard time buying in, but I’ll give them a chance to make him a musclebound weirdo if they can make it work.

Not all of wrestling has to be Shakespeare, right?

Bron Breakker and Andre Chase Show Off Their Strengths

I get the impression that fans aren’t as high on Andre Chase as I am and, seeing as he mostly ends up on the losing side of squash matches, I can see why. But, I’m still going to bang the drum for Andre Chase University, because I think his mic work and character have legs. He was getting a good reaction from the crowd, people like seeing him get beat up and his character could work as a heel as it currently does, while still easily transitioning to a face dynamic if he goes that direction in a few months time.

But the real star here, of course, was Bron Breakker. One week after losing to Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT title, Breakker dominated Chase, before cutting an excellent promo afterwards. Breakker seems to have every part of the game down, with his in-ring work, crowd presence and even that classic Steiner promo down. When he says that he’s going to beat Ciampa or die trying, I can’t wait to see him chase down the Psycho Killer Champ. The next time they face, don’t be surprised if Breakker becomes the top dog in NXT.

NXT Closes With the Best of Their Past Clashing With their Future

Everything from Ciampa’s promo until the ending credits played was a masterful use of established names to build new storylines and stars. First, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa came out and put over Bron Breakker, while establishing that he wouldn’t roll over. Then, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams came out for a brief run-in with Ciampa, where Melo let Ciampa know that the future was now and that he was the A champion. What I loved most about this is it made the show feel lived in. Yes, Carmelo has his own belt, but why wouldn’t he confront Ciampa if he really thinks he’s the best? And a brief walk-by between the destined rivals Ciampa and Johnny Gargano was enough to send shivers up your spine.

Then, it all wrapped up with a fun main event that continued to show how over Williams and Hayes are with the crowd and great in-ring these four guys are. It gave Lumis something to do and it sets up more of a feud between Hayes and Gargano while keeping the champ strong. If Hayes gets to confront both Gargano and Ciampa eventually, or even beats both of them down the road, it will be the true crowning of the new king in NXT.

NXT Lowlights From 11/2

Why is Everyone in NXT a Womanizer?

This criticism has been present since NXT 2.0 began, but it was unignorable this week. Numerous times in the show, there featured a weird amount of flirting between stars. And not just that, but between people who have no previous relationship as far as I can tell, and with no real direction. Most of it is just “Hey Ladies, you’re hot?” or “Hey guys, aren’t I hot?” I’m not saying these storyline types or characters can’t happen, but that’s not what these are, seemingly.

Take Imperium, for example. They’re the most no-nonsense act in WWE, and what do they do? Flirt with Toxic Attraction for no reason! Like, if Toxic Attraction flirts, that fits, but why is Imperium being weird and really basic about it? Especially since Grayson Waller, Xyon Quinn, Cameron Grimes and, hell, even Wade Barrett on commentary, all had similar moments of frankly icky lust on this show. NXT apparently decided this needs to be a throughline on their shows, and it makes no sense.

It is probably the most annoying part of NXT this week, and for the love of God, I hope they leave it behind.

Not Doing Enough With Main Eventers

Two main eventers, to be exact — MSK and Cameron Grimes. Both of these acts have been at the top of the show at different times, but have also been treading water as well. MSK was electric in the ring as NXT champion, but never got a feud worthy of their talent, or the screen time their talent deserved. Now, this week, they slightly seemed put off by their loss, but only seemed to get goofier rather than more serious at first glance anyway. Meanwhile, Cameron Grimes was the most over star a month ago, and since then hasn’t had any feud or any movement up the card. This week, he spent the whole night playing poker against Duke Hudson. Sure, it beats striking out with the ladies like he has been the two weeks previous, but why isn’t Grimes at least in the North American title picture?

Both MSK and Grimes deserve so much more than they’re getting right now and seem to have been the biggest casualties of NXT 2.0 needing to introduce so many new stars. Going forward, they should be standard-barrers, not afterthoughts.

NXT Headlines

Following Halloween Havoc, the big news tonight was the direction many new storylines seem to be going in. Smaller feuds like Waller vs. Knight and Hudson vs. Grimes seem set to be settled in upcoming weeks, while Gonzalez vs Kai, Rose vs. Shirai and Ciampa vs. Breakker all got enough build tonight to suggest possible builds to a Takeover blowoff perhaps.

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