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NFL Trade Deadline 2022: 1 Player Who Could Be Moved On Each Team

We are approaching the midpoint of the NFL season, which means the NFL Trade Deadline is quickly approaching. With the majority of teams around the league hovering around .500, it will be interesting to see which teams believe they are a piece or two away from getting over the hump and which teams would rather sell a valuable player.

We have already seen multiple moves from the Carolina Panthers. After firing coach Matt Rhule, the team also traded away Robbie Anderson and Christian McCaffrey. Below, we will look at one player who could be traded from every team ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline 2022. This includes another player from the Panthers who could be on the move.

When is the NFL Trade Deadline 2022?

The NFL Trade Deadline 2022 is November 1st at 4 PM EST. This means teams only have until next Tuesday to make a move. After that, free agency will be the only way for teams to add new players.

NFL Trade Deadline 2022

1 Player Who Could Be Moved From Every Team Ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline 2022

Arizona Cardinals: A.J. Green, WR

The Arizona Cardinals should let everyone know that A.J. Green is still on their team. While the Cardinals are still in a position to win the division, Green isn’t doing enough in this offense to keep him. A team could get him for cheap.

Atlanta Falcons: Casey Hayward, CB

The Atlanta Falcons have been surprisingly competitive, but that shouldn’t distract them from the task at hand. They are an up-and-coming team that looks to be building something great. It doesn’t seem like 33-year-old Casey Hayward will be around to enjoy what this team is building. As a result, they should look to get some draft assets for the veteran cornerback, who could certainly help to improve the secondary of a contender. Sell him before he falls off the cliff.

Baltimore Ravens: Mike Davis, RB

The Baltimore Ravens got Gus Edwards back this week, and he looks good enough to play a significant role the rest of the season. There isn’t really a place for Mike Davis on this team as-is, and there really is no space once JK Dobbins returns. Send Davis to the Giants with an apology letter taped to his back for Wink Martindale.

Buffalo Bills: Zack Moss, RB

Do the Buffalo Bills love or hate Zack Moss? This is a question that likely had no definite answer, much like there is no good answer for who the Bills should part with. It’s obvious that Buffalo is a top contender this season, meaning they are more likely to buy than sell. Still, it’s possible another team could find a use for Moss in their backfield rotation.

Carolina Panthers: Terrace Marshall, WR

Again, the Panthers have already traded away Robbie Anderson and Christian McCaffrey. They also supposedly turned down two first-round picks for Brian Burns. This team should have a fire sale in exchange for draft assets so they can hopefully rebuild faster than the rest of the NFC South.

Terrace Marshall is a player who had a lot of hype around him coming out of LSU. Someone could use the former second-round pick on their team. With him still being on his rookie contract, he would also be a cheap addition, meaning nearly any team could be in the market for a player like him.

Chicago Bears: Robert Quinn, EDGE

If the Chicago Bears care about Robert Quinn, they would let the veteran edge rusher play somewhere else. There are zero reasons to keep him around for the rest of this terrible season. Chicago should try to get some draft assets for a player who could be a defense-changing move for someone.

Cincinnati Bengals: Tre Flowers, CB

There isn’t a good Cincinnati Bengals trade candidate. However, Tre Flowers will be a free agent this offseason and he has played only 72 snaps this season, so they could deal him for the right price if need be.

Cleveland Browns: Kareem Hunt, RB

Some have forgotten the trade request and drama coming out of Cleveland earlier this season, but I haven’t. Sure, Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb are good friends. Sorry Nick, but that isn’t enough to keep Hunt happy. It’s obvious Hunt is talented enough to be a lead back somewhere, so look for a team to make that happen.

Dallas Cowboys: Trysten Hill, DT

The Dallas Cowboys are supposedly “willing to part” with defensive depth at the NFL Trade Deadline 2022. While Trysten Hill hasn’t been bad, it’s tough to argue he has lived up to his second-round selection. With Hill set to hit the open market this offseason, looks for Jerry Jones to shop the defensive lineman.

Jerry Jeudy nfl trade deadline
Credit: Atom1937/Reddit

Denver Broncos: Jerry Jeudy, WR

Sorry Denver Broncos fans, but you’re stuck with Russell Wilson. As a result, you stink. Jerry Jeudy is a young, flashy receiver who has loudly shown his frustration during games. Assuming this is also taking place behind the scenes, then it would behoove the Broncos to answer the trade calls that have come in.

On top of that, the only actual flash Jerry Jeudy has shown in the NFL is his footwork. If another team believes he can be a solid every-week wide receiver at the top level, then let them pay for that, since it isn’t happening in Denver.

Detroit Lions: Mike Hughes, CB

Mike Hughes hasn’t been very good this season, but almost nobody has been good on the Detroit Lions defense this season. A team in need of a slot cornerback may have a role for Hughes, and they could get him for cheap.

Green Bay Packers: Amari Rodgers, WR

The Green Bay Packers traded up to draft Amari Rodgers in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft. While he was overdrafted, the Packers are also exclusively using him in incorrect ways.

Rodgers projects to be a very similar player to Ty Montgomery, whose success in the NFL has come from shifting to running back. Another team could view Rodgers as a very valuable backfield addition who is also capable of returning kicks if need be.

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Houston Texans: Brandin Cooks, WR

Brandin Cooks is still playing at a high enough level that he would garner interest from other teams. Continue the rebuild by getting draft assets while allowing Cooks to play for a team that is relevant.

Indianapolis Colts: Deon Jackson, RB

Is Deon Jackson a guy? While the Indianapolis Colts look like a team that could sell at the NFL Trade Deadline, they don’t have many obvious pieces to sell. However, the second-year running back out of Duke looked great in his Week 6 start, totaling 121 yards and 10 receptions. He could be a nice contributor in another running back rotation.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Dan Arnold, TE

Explosive offensive play is a rarity in the NFL this season. While the name Dan Arnold doesn’t exactly scream fireworks, you may be surprised at what the former wide receiver from UW-Platteville can do.

He showed flashes of being a solid vertical threat at tight end over the past couple of years, but he doesn’t have a role on this new-look Jacksonville Jaguars team. There are multiple teams in the playoff hunt who could use a player like Arnold to attack the two-shell approach defenses around the league are having success with right now.

Kansas City Chiefs: Ronald Jones, RB

Ronald Jones is a cheap running back who is only 25 years old. He also doesn’t have a role on the Kansas City Chiefs thanks to the emergence of Isaiah Pacheco. Jones will be an interesting trade candidate if a team loses a rusher over the next week.

Las Vegas Raiders: Clelin Ferrell, EDGE

The Las Vegas Raiders continue to expunge the draft classes from the former regime. Clelin Ferrell was the fourth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. While he hasn’t lived up to the hype, there is still potential that could be unlocked. Contenders will always look to add talent to rush the passer for a possible Super Bowl run, and Ferrell makes sense for a team to target.

Los Angeles Chargers: Sony Michel, RB

Could Sony Michel be traded and stay in the same building? He barely has a role on the Los Angeles Chargers following a year where he ran for 845 yards as a member of the Los Angeles Rams. This feels like an obvious move.

Cam Akers Fantasy Football Team Names
Credit: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams: Cam Akers, RB

Cam Akers has flashed his potential as a runner with the Los Angeles Rams. Despite this, he has been pulled from the lineup. With the Rams offensive line struggling, they cannot afford to play a poor pass protector on passing downs, which severely limits Akers. This is one of the reasons for the relationship between Akers and the team falling apart.

There are few running backs in the NFL who could actually be desirable pieces at the NFL Trade Deadline, but Cam Akers looks like he could be one. Look for the Rams to trade him, if someone makes them a respectable offer.

Miami Dolphins: Teddy Bridgewater, QB

If the Miami Dolphins are willing to say Skylar Thompson would start over Teddy Bridgewater when he’s healthy, why is he on the team? Maybe he is a great mentor to Tua Tagovailoa, but he is also clearly available for trade as well.

Minnesota Vikings: Oli Udoh, OT

Oli Udoh is in a contract year and finds himself in a backup role for the Minnesota Vikings. While there are no obvious must-trade players for Minnesota ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline, the Vikings could move Udoh if someone is interested.

New England Patriots: Kendrick Bourne, WR

Kendrick Bourne has gone from outperforming teammates last year to being left out this season. He doesn’t have a role on this offense, so look for him to be traded for a late-round draft pick to a wide receiver-needy team.

New Orleans Saints: Marquez Callaway, WR

While injuries have the New Orleans Saints wide receiver corps thin, they are solid when healthy. Marquez Callaway is a free agent following this season, so the Saints could look to trade away the talented wide receiver instead of possibly losing him in the offseason.

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New York Giants: Kadarius Toney, WR

The New York Giants are surprisingly good, so they should look to buy at the deadline. One position group they could use to improve other areas of need is wide receiver. Yes, they would rather trade away Kenny Golladay, but that will be a tall task. Instead, Kadarius Toney could be a great trade piece.

Toney was a first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Much like the rest of their receiving corps, he has battled injuries. However, even if he was healthy, how big of a role would he have on this team? Brian Daboll and his staff used an early draft pick on Wan’Dale Robinson after the Giants took Toney in Round 1 last year. With the two playing a similar role, Toney is tradable, and another contender could love the thought of trading for a young, inexpensive playmaker.

New York Jets: Denzel Mims, WR

Second-year wide receiver Elijah Moore made his request to be moved ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline 2022. While the New York Jets said he wouldn’t be moved, that could be a leverage play. Another wide receiver that could be out of the door is Denzel Mims, who is another talented receiver on his rookie contract.

Mims was a second-round pick from the 2020 NFL Draft who had a lot of potential. While he has shown some flashes in limited snaps throughout his career, he has only one reception this season and very clearly isn’t a part of this offense. It makes sense for everyone involved to move him.

Philadelphia Eagles: Gardner Minshew, QB

With poor quarterback play and injuries around the NFL, it’s possible a team would be willing to overpay for Gardner Minshew, who has shown flashes in the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles would have to feel confident with the player(s) they can put behind Jalen Hurts for the rest of the way, but this could be a way for the Eagles to be on top and stay on top by adding draft assets.

Chase Claypool nfl trade deadline 2022
Credit: Don Wright/AP Photo

Pittsburgh Steelers: Chase Claypool, WR

The Pittsburgh Steelers are better at drafting wide receivers than your favorite team. So, when they have too much talent, other teams should come knocking. Physically, Chase Claypool has all of the tools teams drool over. He has shown flashes of being a stud in the NFL, but he has been able to put it together consistently. Being on a poor offense, it’s tough to determine if the issue is him or one of the many other factors.

The Steelers should pat themselves on the back for drafting another great receiver in George Pickens, then get some draft picks in exchange for Claypool, which will undoubtedly turn into another solid receiving weapon.

San Francisco 49ers: Azeez Al-Shaair, LB

The San Francisco 49ers don’t seem set up to re-sign linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair after this season. For this reason, it would make sense to trade him so they get something in return for his leaving. While he is currently out hurt, Al-Shaair should return this season, which gives another team a good enough reason to trade something for him.

Seattle Seahawks: Sidney Rice, CB

While it may seem counterintuitive for the Seattle Seahawks to trade away a defensive player this season, veteran cornerback Sidney Rice has played only 45 snaps. Simply, he is depth on this roster right now, and another team may be interested in playing Rice in a larger role.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Sean Murphy-Bunting, CB

Sean Murphy-Bunting was a second-round pick in 2019 who was full of potential for a defense needing help in the secondary. Fast forward to 2022, and he has played defensive snaps in only two games this season. He has been underwhelming for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’ve said this a lot, but both sides would benefit from parting ways.

Tennessee Titans: Austin Hooper, TE

The Tennessee Titans signed veteran tight end Austin Hooper this offseason. However, he is losing snaps to Geoff Swaim and rookie Chigoziem Okonkwo, who has looked solid.

Hooper isn’t one of the new-wave tight ends who are athletic mismatches. However, he can be a solid possession receiver and a solid blocker for another team, making him a surprisingly valuable trade piece.

Washington Commanders: William Jackson III, CB

There was a rumor that William Jackson III made a trade request out of Washington. While he refuted that story, what is undeniable is that Jackson has been benched by the Commanders. A change of scenery could be needed for Jackson, and it makes no sense for Washington to keep him, even if they need to eat some of his contract, since they aren’t going anywhere this season.

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