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NFL Survivor Pool Picks for Week 18

If you are unaware of what NFL survivor picks are, the basic concept is you make NFL picks throughout the season, but you can only pick a team once. Once you lose, you’re knocked out, so choose your Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool picks wisely.

If you are new to reading my survivor articles, what I do is outline my “lock of the week,” my “value of the week” and my “high-risk, high-reward pick.” The lock of the week details what team I think has the best chance of winning their matchup. This would most likely be a good team that plays a bad team. The lock is also the official pick for NFL Survivor Pools, meaning we will not reuse a “lock.” My value pick of the week details a mid-tier team that has a good matchup. And finally my high risk, high reward pick details a bad team that has a good matchup.

Last week, I went 3-0 on my picks, getting the Bills, 49ers and Bears correct. Since this is the last week, there is only a pool of about half of the teams left. Due to this, matchups are going to get tricky and we have to make sure that we take a team that is playing for something.

Teams Used for “Lock of the Week”

  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. Arizona Cardinals
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Las Vegas Raiders
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  7. Carolina Panthers
  8. Los Angeles Rams
  9. Indianapolis Colts
  10. Baltimore Ravens
  11. New England Patriots
  12. Washington Football Team
  13. Minnesota Vikings
  14. Seattle Seahawks
  15. Miami Dolphins
  16. Los Angeles Chargers
  17. Buffalo Bills
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Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool Picks

Lock of the Week | Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool Picks

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

Coming into this game, the Tennessee Titans are 10.5-point favorites. They currently sit at the one seed in the AFC. Although this is the case, the Titans have not locked up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. With a win over the Texans, that can be accomplished. That has to be something that the Titans are looking forward to. If they can get at home throughout the playoffs, they can get Derrick Henry back and ride him again.

The Houston Texans are also playing for something in this game. They currently sit at a 4-12 record, which is tied for the third-worst record in the NFL. If they lose this game, it gives them that much more of a chance to snag a higher pick. The Texans should look for a higher pick, as who knows what is going to happen to Deshaun Watson.

Titans players mentioned that they want a bye. Look for the Titans to come out fast and strong and for Houston to not give 100% as both teams are on the opposite sides of the NFL spectrum.

Lock of the Week: Tennessee Titans

taysom hill fantasy football streamers
Credit: Derick Hingle/USA TODAY Sports

Value Pick of the Week | Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool Picks

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

Playoff hopes are on the line for the New Orleans Saints. If the Saints win and the Rams win, New Orleans will be in the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year. Taysom Hill is 6-2 in his career as a starter, but no game has been as important as this one for the young QB.

In order to ensure a win, it makes sense that the Saints run the ball for the majority of the game. Alvin Kamara is still one of the best running backs in the NFL and, combined with Hill’s capable rushing ability, the Saints should be able to pull out a low-scoring game. The Atlanta Falcons have given up the seventh-most rushing yards in the NFL this year, which spells opportunity for the Saints.

Value of the Week: New Orleans Saints

High-Risk, High–Reward | Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool Picks

Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Chicago Bears are coming off of a huge win against the Giants last season. Should Chicago lose here on purpose to get a better draft pick? I don’t think so. Justin Fields is their guy moving forward and I don’t think that they have to go after someone huge in the draft. To end the season on a three-game win streak would be a great starting point for the next season. Although I am sure that fans don’t want this, as it could influence where Matt Nagy is next year.

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off of a game where they got pounded by the Green Bay Packers. That loss eliminated the Vikings from playoff contention. This upcoming game means absolutely nothing for the Vikings. Kirk Cousins did not play last week and, to be honest, he probably shouldn’t play this week. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson are also guys who shouldn’t play.

This seems like a game where the Bears will be fired up and the Vikings will be sleepwalking. Look for the Bears to come out fast and strong and beat the Vikings by double-digits this week.

High-Risk, High-Reward: Chicago Bears

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