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NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara
Credit: Chuck Cook/USA TODAY Sports

Another week of the NFL season has come to an end. The Browns got their third win of the Baker Mayfield era against a Falcons team that had won three straight games. The Bills not only scored more points than the Chiefs, but the entire AFC East this week. Fitz’s magic has run out, but the Bucs are still sticking with him. Drew Brees is now only behind Peyton Manning for most passing touchdowns all time. Hue Jackson got re-hired, by the Bengals. Let’s leap into the Week 11 NFL power rankings.

Last Week’s NFL Power Rankings


Teams 32-11

32.) Oakland Raiders (Last Week:32) (1-7) 31.) San Francisco 49ers (29) (2-8) 30.) New York Jets (26) (3-7) 29.) New York Giants (31) (2-7) 28.) Arizona Cardinals (27) (2-7) 27.) Buffalo Bills (30) (3-7) 26.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (25) (3-6) 25.) Denver Broncos (24) (3-6) 24.) Jacksonville Jaguars (23) (3-6) 23.) Detroit Lions (21) (3-6) 22.) Cleveland Browns (28) (3-6-1) 21.) Baltimore Ravens (18) (4-5) 20.) Philadelphia Eagles (14) (4-5) 19.) Dallas Cowboys (20) (4-5) 18.) Seattle Seahawks (16) (4-5) 17.) Atlanta Falcons (12) (4-5) 16.) Miami Dolphins (15) (5-5) 15.) Indianapolis Colts (22) (4-5) 14.) Cincinnati Bengals (11) (5-4) 13.)Washington Redskins (13) (6-3) 12.) Green Bay Packers (17) (4-4-1) 11.) Carolina Panthers (6) (6-3)


Top Ten

10.) Tennessee Titans (19) (5-4)

The Patriots came to town and the Titans held them to just ten points. Tennessee would be 6-3 if Mariota would have seen a wide open Dion Lewis on the two point try in London. The Titans now have a chance to take the Division lead with back-to-back divisional games.

9.) Minnesota Vikings (8) (5-3-1)

Minnesota went into the bye with a much needed win over the Lions. They now will have a chance to take control of the division over their next two games as they face the Bears, then the Pack. Diggs will be back this week and Dalvin Cook will likely see his workload increase as he continues to get healthier in the coming weeks.

8.) Houston Texans (9) (6-3)

After starting the season 0-3 Houston went into the bye riding a six game winning streak. Unfortunately for the Texans, they got little help from the league on their bye. The Titans and the Colts are right on their tail in the division. Houston gets a banged up Redskins team this week.

7.) Chicago Bears (10) (6-3)

Khalil Mack came back after missing two games and tallied two sacks against Detroit. Chicago now sits atop the division and can extend that lead with a win over the Vikings Sunday Night. The Bears were held to only 54 yards on the ground, but Trubisky showed he could get the job done passing for over 350 yards and 3 scores.

6.) Los Angeles Chargers (7) (7-2)

The Chargers have now won six straight contests. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, linebacker Denzel Perryman, sustained a season ending injury. Joey Bosa has still yet to return. The Chargers get a stumbling Denver Broncos team this week.

5.) New England Patriots (2) (7-3)

Every year the Patriots lose a few games and chatter begins about Tom Brady losing a step and the dynasty of New England beginning to crumble. Then every season the Pats go on a streak and handle the AFC in the playoffs. Will this season be any different?

4.) Pittsburgh Steelers (5) (6-2-1)

The Panthers came to town and got absolutely handled by the Steelers. It appears Bell will not report and will have to sit the entire season. Pittsburgh has been unbothered by not having Bell and have won five straight. They travel to Jacksonville this week to take on a Jags team that has dropped five straight.

3.) Los Angeles Rams (4) (9-1)

The Rams defense continues to be an issue, but with the offense they have, they can hold their own against just about anyone. Only Brees and Mahomes are favored over Toddy Gurley in the MVP race. He continues to gash defenses week in and week out. The Rams travel to Mexico City to take on the Chiefs on Monday Night.

2.) Kansas City Chiefs (3) (9-1)

Kansas City is averaging 35 points per game this season. The young offense continues to run wild on the league. Eric Berry has yet to return this season, bust Justin Houston was back after missing the previous four games. The Chiefs take on the Rams this Monday, in what could be the best regular season game of the season.

1.) New Orleans Saints (1) (8-1)

Drew Brees passed Brett Favre Sunday, moving into 2ndall time in passing touchdowns. The Saints continue to put on an offensive clinic each week and are showing no signs of slowing down. The Eagles come to New Orleans this week.


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