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NFL Offseason Discussion: AFC East

Julian Edelman MVP
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New England Patriots

Congratulations to you Patriots fans, however, it seems as though it is just another day, another win for this team. The Patriots have had a stranglehold on the AFC and the NFL for so long it is hard to remember a time they were not a Super Bowl contender. What does the future hold for these Boston bruisers? This offseason, New England will see twenty-two of their players hitting free agency (10 offensive, 10 defensive, and 2 special teams). Notable names include Stephen Gostkowski (K), Cordarrelle Patterson (WR), Chris Hogan (WR), Malcom Brown (DT), Jason McCourty (CB), and Trey Flowers (DE).

Anticipated Team Adjustments

Quarterback: This offseason, I could see the team adding quarterback depth, as Brian Hoyer is the next in line. While the team still boasts their quarterback as the greatest of all time, this season was not one of Brady’s highlights.

Wide Receiver: There is a big chance that the team is going to drop a few of their receivers in free agency. Also, the Josh Gordon drama could leave the team without depth. They could possibly get along by moving James White out to a permanent receiving option and use Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel for all rushing plays, but it seems more likely that they would want a legitimate receiver alongside Julian Edelman.

Defensive Changes: Overall, the defense ranked as the tenth-best unit. The team was able to stop the rush fairly effectively. However, the team could use some help when it comes to pass coverage. New England ranked twenty second against passing yards and were second against completion percentage. This tells me that while the team was effective at keeping the ball out of a receiver’s hands, but had difficulty stopping yards after the catch.

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