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NFL DFS Week 9 Bargains

NFL DFS Week 9 Bargains

It’s Week 9 of the NFL season and by now we all know what our yearly teams are made of. That’s why I’ll be investing heavily in DFS. But as the great Bon Jovi once said, “Woah, we’re half way there/Woah, livin’ on a prayer.” But I don’t have any Christian McCaffrey shares to take my hand in yearly, so if you want to play him if DFS, you definitely need some bargains to go with.



Kyle Allen, vs. TEN

DraftKings: $5,200|FanDuel: $6,800

Allen’s game against the 49ers was pretty pitiful but was also his first loss of the season. While McCaffrey is no doubt the Panthers’ team Allen does have to throw him the ball every once in a while. Along with that the Panthers’ fairer much better against the 4-4 Titans than the undefeated 49ers.


Running Backs

Melvin Gordon III, vs. GB

DraftKings: $5,000|FanDuel: $6,300

This one is for my fellow DraftKings player because there’s no reason Gordon should be $5,000 against the Green Bay rushing defense. In this game, the Chargers should lean on the run with a new face calling the offensive plays it should be a much simpler offense. Also, when it comes to the Chargers offense it has had a pattern of Austin Eckler catching the ball, and Gordon running the ball. Even if you ignore all this, Gordon is only $5,000 and that is by far a bargain and a half.

Adrian Peterson, at BUF

DraftKings: $4,200|FanDuel: $5,700

A rookie quarterback in his first start and Derrius Guice is still on IR. The perfect combination for a veteran running back to get a lot of touches. Play Adrian Peterson.


Wide Receivers

Danny Amendola, at OAK

DraftKings: $4,700|FanDuel: $6,000

The Oakland Raiders have one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL. They allow an on average 285.3 passing yards a game, 19 passing touchdowns, and an average 115.5 QBR. This, along with the fact that the Lions’ running back core is… depleted, at best. This would suggest a lot of the Lions’ short-yardage will come from short yard passes, also known as Amendola’s bread and butter.

Jamison Crowder, at MIA

DraftKings: $5,300|FanDuel: $5,800

This is the first time this season I’ve placed a player on back-to-back DFS bargains, but Crowder didn’t produce last week as I foresaw but this week, is a Miami week. That is right Miami is coming off a Monday Night game and now we can once again take a chance on cheap players playing against them, such a beautiful thing.


Tight End

Eric Ebron, at PIT

DraftKings: $3,600|FanDuel: $5,200

Ebron isn’t putting up the same stats as last year, but I think anyone would’ve told you lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice. However, halfway through the year, Ebron has 3 touchdowns on 16 catches. Ebron is also just remarkably cheap for someone playing a Pittsburg team that was down 14-0 to the Miami Dolphins just six days ago. This is a great bargain.

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