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NBA Top Shot Throwdowns Pack Drop Time, Price and Details

On Sunday, NBA Top Shot announced the return of the “Throwdowns” moment series, with the pack drop time scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, May 10th at 2 PM PDT. Let’s take a look at what the NBA Top Shot Throwdowns packs consist of, as well as the pack drop time and price.

NBA Top Shot Throwdowns Pack Drop Info and Time

Total Packs: 76,000 available for purchase
Price: $149
Moments Per Pack: 5 (1 x rare Throwdowns, 5 x common Base Set)
Pack Drop Time: Monday, May 10 at 12:00 PM PDT
Pack Requirements: 220+ Collector Score
Rebound Packs: 75,000

NBA Top Shot throwdowns pack drop time price rebound packs
Credit: Dapper Labs

What is the Throwdowns Collection?

One need not be a household name to set Twitter on fire with a poster so iconic it spurs instant Dunk of the Year conversations. A powerful dunk is two points, but the message it sends is universal. Between the baselines, the throwdown is king. (NBA Top Shot)

Throwdowns moments seek to capture the best dunk highlights of the NBA season. We remember the ridiculous Miles Bridges throwdown over Clint Capela. Another great highlight from this season was Kawhi Leonard finishing at the rim over Deandre Ayton. These are just two of the 45 featured Throwdowns Moments that will be available in this pack drop.

What is in the Throwdowns NBA Top Shot Pack?

Across the 76,000 available packs, there will be 45 different rare Throwdowns Moments, each numbered up to 1,800. Along with these rare Moments, the packs will also include five Series 2 Base Set Moments.

A total of 314 Base Set Moments are available in this drop, including 32 Three-Star Rookie Moments and 87 total NBA Top Shot Debut Moments.

For the full list of moments in the NBA Top Shot Throwdowns pack drop, you can click here.

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Pack Drop Requirements

To qualify for the pack drop, users must have a Collector Score of 220 or greater. Collector Score is a cumulative total of points awarded for each Moment in a given collector’s collection. 

Click here for more details on Collector Score and how it is calculated.

What Are NBA Top Shot Rebound Packs?

Rebound Packs are for those collectors who qualify for the queue, but aren’t able to secure the Throwdowns pack while supplies last. A total of 75,000 Rebound Packs from the Series 2 Base Set will be available. Rebound Packs will be Base Set packs priced at $9. 

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