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NBA Top Shot Rising Stars Pack Drop on Sunday

After two straight days of having “Seeing Stars” pack drops in NBA Top Shot, the digital collectible craze will have a more exclusive drop on Sunday, adding to the excitement for the All-Star Game. The new drop is called “Rising Stars.” It is scheduled for 5 pm EST (note: all times on NBA Top Shot are given in PST).

NBA Top Shot rising stars Seeing Stars pack drop
Credit: Dapper Labs

NBA Top Shot Rising Stars Pack Drop Details

So, what’s the Rising Stars pack, why is it special and how much of my sweet, sweet coin do I need to part with to get it?

Price and Quantity

For those just getting into Top Shot, this pack price may scare you slightly. It is going to cost $199, but it looks to be an investment worth making.

Not only is there seven moments inside compared to three in the Seeing Stars packs, there also are only 36,378 packs for sale. This makes Rising Stars much more exclusive than the 183,258 Seeing Stars packs that were sold.

What’s Inside?

Like stated above, there are seven moments in this pack, compared to three in Seeing Stars. In this Rising Stars pack, you will receive one rare Rising Stars card, one common Seeing Stars card, then five other moments.

These rare Rising Stars cards are brand new, and there will only be 2,021 of each in existence. This card alone will have a market value over the price of your pack. The common Seeing Stars cards are the same as the previous packs. There will be roughly 1,500 of each in these packs, bringing them to about 10,000 of each.

Finally, there is value to be had in these five other common moments. We saw with the Seeing Stars pack pull that Trevor Land pulled a common James Harden, which currently has a market price minimum of $32.

Collectors must have a moment in their collection to be eligible for the pack drop. So, if you do not have one, you’ll have to be active in the marketplace to get one.

For a full list of the moments in these new NBA Top Shot Rising Stars packs, you can CLICK HERE.

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