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March Madness Bracketology: Breaking Down All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams

The greatest sporting event of the year is right around the corner. The March Madness NCAA Tournament bracket was just released, giving basketball fans another opportunity to lose money in their tournament pools. In this Bracketology article, I will be breaking down every team in the tournament field to give you a good idea of what to watch for.

With Gonzaga getting the number one overall seed, will this finally be their year? Can Duke win one more title before Coach K retires? How does Providence’s dream season come to an end? Will Johnny Davis be enough to get Wisconsin back to the Final Four? We may not know the answers to these questions immediately, but this Bracketology guide for the NCAA Tournament should give you a pretty good idea. Teams are sorted by region and listed as they are listed on the bracket.

Gonzaga march madness ncaa tournament bracketology
Credit: Tyler Tjomsland/Spokeman

March Madness Bracketology: Breaking Down All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams

NCAA Tournament West Region

(1) Gonzaga Bulldogs – Auto Bid (WCC)

Team rankings in the article are accurate for when the schools played.

Ranked Victories: #5 Texas, #2 UCLA, #25 Texas Tech, #22 Saint Mary’s, #17 Saint Mary’s

Ranked Losses: #5 Duke, #16 Alabama, #23 Saint Mary’s

The Gonzaga Bulldogs have been the best team in the country all year. With star freshman Chet Holmgren partnered up with veteran Drew Timme, many people expected Gonzaga to go on a revenge tour. Andrew Nemhard is running the guard for the Bulldogs this season. With an out of conference schedule consisting of Duke, UCLA, Texas Tech and Alabama, the narrative that Gonzaga has not played anyone this season is false. Even in their conference, BYU, San Francisco and Saint Mary’s all have a chance to make the NCAA Tournament.

Gonzaga excels on both sides of the ball. On offense, the Bulldogs average 87.8 points per game, good for second in the country. Gonzaga also rebounds the ball very well, collecting 41.5 a game, good for fifth in the country. On defense, the Bulldogs only give up 65.3 points per game. If you add that to their eight made three pointers per game, Gonzaga is the team to beat this year. Any result that is not a championship will be a disappointment for Gonzaga.

KenPom Rankings | March Madness Bracketology


KenPom Rankings Key:

  • Rk: Overall Ranking
  • AdjO: Adjusted Offensive Efficiency (points scored per 100 possessions)
  • AdjD: Adjusted Defensive Efficiency (points allowed per 100 possessions)
  • AdjT: Adjusted Tempo (possessions per 40 minutes)
  • AdjEM: Strength of Schedule Rating

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(16) Georgia State Panthers – Auto Bid (Sun Belt)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Georgia State Panthers will represent the Sun Belt Conference in the NCAA Tournament after a winning their conference tournament as a four seed. The Panthers beat Arkansas State, Appalachian State and Louisiana in route to the championship. They average 70.6 points per game. On defense, the Panthers allow 64.8 points per game. Corey Allen is the leading scorer for the Panthers, scoring 14.7 points per game. He is the leader of the three-headed monster that is Allen, Kane Williams and Justin Roberts. Georgia State fits that category of teams who had a major tournament run, but will probably drop their first game by a large margin in the tournament.

148101.5 (203)99.7 (111)67.5 (176)-1.18 (177)

(8) Boise State Broncos – Auto Bid (Mountain West)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #22 St. Bonaventure

Boise State is 21-3 in their last 24 games, including a Mountain West conference championship. Abu Kigab averages 14.7 points per game, leading a group of five players who scores nine or more points per game. The Broncos want to slow the game down and play half court offense, which could spell disaster for a team like Memphis who wants to get out and run. KenPom’s rankings indicate that the Broncos have the 17th best defense in the country.

28108.5 (76)92.1 (17)64.6 (306)+6.01 (75)

(9) Memphis Tigers – At-Large Bid (AAC)

Ranked Victories: #6 Alabama, #6 Houston, #14 Houston

Ranked Losses: #18 Houston

The Memphis Tigers had a roller coster of a season. After the Emoni Bates experience is looking to be a failure, Penny Hardaway has done a great job with the Tigers. Even with Bates’ incredible talent, the team has looked like they have played better without him. Jalen Duran leads the team with 12.2 points per game. This team is full of a bunch of athletes, rather than positional players. The Tigers average 76.2 points per game. The only question is, will this team be able play traditional basketball against a team like Boise State who slows the game down?

28110.4 (50)94.1 (31)70.3 (34)+6.75 (60)

(5) UConn Huskies – At-Large Bid (Big East)

Ranked Victories: #19 Auburn, #18 Marquette, #8 Villanova

Ranked Losses: #24 Seton Hall, #13 Villanova, #25 Xavier , #8 Villanova

When March rolls around and you hear the name Uconn, two players immediately come to mind. Kemba Walker. Shabazz Napier. This Huskies team is much different than the ones that have had to rely on a guard to carry the team. The big factor for Uconn was their ability to limit their opponents three point field goal percentage. They only gave up 36% of three point shots made in conference play. Adama Sanogo will be the X-Factor for the Huskies. He averages 14.9 points per game and 8.9 rebounds a game.

18113.9 (21)94.6 (35)64.9 (291)+7.53 (52)

(12) New Mexico State Aggies – Auto Bid (WAC)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The New Mexico State Aggies are representing the WAC in the NCAA Tournament, after beating Abilene Christian in the championship game of the tournament. This is now Chris Jan’s 4th 25 win season at the school. West Virginia and Nebraska transfer Teddy Allen was named WAC player of the year, after averaging 19.3 points per game. The Aggies as a team average 73.3 points per game, while only giving up 65.

80107.8 (87)97.7 (73)66.2 (223)+0.71 (133)

(4) Arkansas Razorbacks – At-Large Bid (SEC)

Ranked Victories: #12 LSU, #1 Auburn, #16 Tennessee, #6 Kentucky

Ranked Losses: #13 Tennessee

Arkansas had a great conference season, with a 4-1 record against ranked opponents at the time of the game. After hitting a five-game win streak, the Razorbacks have lost two out of three. Arkansas is lead by JD Notae, who scores 18.4 points per game on 40.8% shooting. As a team, Arkansas scores 76.9 points per game, while giving up 68.5.

20111.1 (40)92.1 (16)70.6 (28)+7.93 (46)

(13) Vermont Catamounts – Auto Bid (America East)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #21 Maryland

The Vermont Catamounts are no strangers when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. Vermont has won the America East conference tournament eight times since 2002. The Catamounts have only lost one game since they lost to Providence on Dec. 7. In conference play, the Catamounts shot 41% from the three point line. Ryan Davis leads the team in scoring at 17.2 points per game. Overall the Catamounts score 74.9 points per game and give up 60.3 points per game.

59110.8 (45)97.7 (74)65.0 (288)-7.50 (330)

(6) Alabama Crimson Tide – At-Large Bid (SEC)

Ranked Victories: #3 Gonzaga, #14 Houston, #14 Tennessee, #13 LSU, #4 Baylor

Ranked Losses: #4 Auburn, #1 Auburn, #5 Kentucky, #4 Kentucky

The Alabama Crimson Tide were all over the map this year, as according to KenPom they had the number one strength of schedule rating. Jaden Shackelford has been nothing short of spectacular this season, as he averaged 16.7 points per game. Scoring 80 points per game, Alabama is one of the higer scoring teams in the country this season. With the 80 points per game, Alabama gives up 76.4 points per game. Alabama is a team of two faces, as they have wins over Gonzaga and Baylor, but losses to Mississippi State and Iona.

25116.1 (14)98.7 (94)71.1 (12)+12.79 (1)

(11) Rutgers Scarlet Knights – At-Large Bid (Big Ten) (Play-in game)

Ranked Victories: #1 Purdue, #13 Michigan State, #16 Ohio State, #14 Wisconsin, #12 Illinois

Ranked Losses: #23 Seton Hall, #5 Purdue, #13 Wisconsin, #24 Iowa

Rutgers has been one of the most underrated teams in the country this season. The Scarlet Knights held their own in a very tough Big Ten, winning five games against ranked Big Ten teams. Rutgers were the first unranked team to ever beat four consecutive ranked teams. Ron Harper Jr. is the leader of this team, as he averages 15.6 points per game, while shooting 39% from the three point line. The version of Rutgers that beat Purdue and Wisconsin, is the team that can make the second weekend. First they have to beat Notre Dame in the play in game.

74106.4 (107)95.5 (43)64.9 (289)+8.01 (44)

(11) Notre Dame Fighting Irish – At-Large Bid (ACC) (Play-in game)

Ranked Victories: #10 Kentucky

Ranked Losses: #9 Duke

Notre Dame took advantage of a bad ACC this season. They finished second in the conference, as Mike Brey is once again in the NCAA Tournament. The Fighting Irish took advantage of the poor play in the ACC by hitting 40% of their three point shots in conference play. Four players on the team average double figures, including Blake Wesley, who scores 14.6 a game. As a team, Notre Dame shoots 38% from the three point line in total.

52112.0 (29)98.4 (84)65.7 (250)+6.20 (70)

(3) Texas Tech Red Raiders – At-Large Bid (Big 12)

Key Victories: #13 Tennessee, #6 Kansas, #1 Baylor, #15 Iowa State, #7 Baylor, #20 Texas

Key Losses: #5 Gonzaga, #11 Iowa State, #5 Kansas, #23 Texas, #6 Kansas

Defense is the name of the game for Texas Tech once again. In a tough Big 12, the Red Raiders did not lose one conference game at home this season. According to KenPom, Texas Tech has the best defense in the country this year. They only average giving up 60.3 points per game. The real question for the Red Raiders, is can the offense be as good as the defense. That is up to Bryson Williams, who leads the team with 13.7 points per game.

9109.7 (65)85.1 (1)66.5 (211)+10.21 (18)

(14) Montana State Bobcats – Auto Bid (Big Sky)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Montana State Bobcats have won six games in a row on their way to a Big Sky conference tournament championship. This included an 87-66 championship win over Northern Colorado. The Bobcats score 77 points per game, with Xavier Bishop leading the way with 13.9 points per game. This matchup with Texas Tech is not ideal for the Bobcats, but if they have a shot at beating the Red Raiders, it is up to Bishop to lead the team.

125104.5 (147)100.7 (129)67.3 (157)-6.20 (309)

(7) Michigan State Spartans – At-Large Bid (Big Ten)

Ranked Victories: #6 Baylor, #22 Uconn, #8 Wisconsin, #4 Purdue, #12 Wisconsin

Ranked Losses: #3 Kansas, #24 Illinois, #14 Wisconsin, #12 Illinois, #25 Iowa, #23 Ohio State, #9 Purdue

The Michigan State Spartans saw a rebound season after losing to UCLA in the play-in game last year. One difference from this Michigan State team than others is that there is not one true star on this team. Gabe Brown leads the team in scoring with 11.4 points per game. Max Christie has enough talent to play in the NBA, but I think the real X-Factor for the Spartans is Joey Hauser. If Hauser can knock down his three point shots, this team can go on a run. While this is not one of Izzo’s better teams, the coach alone should provide intrigue for taking Michigan State on your bracket.

4011.3 (38)96.4 (53)67.5 (141)+10.73 (11)

(10) Davidson Wildcats – At-Large Bid (Atlantic 10)

Ranked Victories: #10 Alabama

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Davidson Wildcats took home the regular season Atlantic 10 crown this season. The Wildcats shot the two-point shot at 55% in conference play this season. Three players on the team average more than 14 points. Foster Loyer is the leader of the team, scoring 16.6 points per game. In total, the Wildcats score 76 points per game and give up 65.8 points per game. With all of this offense, Davidson has spoiler write all over them and can defiently take down Michigan State and Duke in the first weekend. One thing to note about Davidson though, is that the only average 34.3 rebounds per game.

41116.8 (11)102.0 (152)64.6 (304)+1.43 (121)

(2) Duke Blue Devils – At-Large Bid (ACC)

Ranked Victories: #10 Kentucky, #1 Gonzaga

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Duke Blue Devils are in the midst of Coach K’s final season. The Blue Devils have lost two of the most important games this season, Coach K’s final home game and the ACC championship. Led by star freshman Paolo Banchero, who scores 17 points per game, Duke features five players who score in double figures. With an average of 80.2 points per game scored, the Blue Devils are one of the better scoring teams in the county. While Duke has the highest ceiling in the country, their lack of a strong schedule gives this team some vulnerability.

12119.4 (7)95.7 (44)67.4 (150)+6.14 (71)

(15) CSU Fullerton Titans – Auto Bid (Big West)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

Cal State Fullerton snuck into the NCAA Tournament was a one point victory over Long Beach State in the Big West tournament. E.J Anosike is the driving force behind the offense, scoring 16.5 points per game on 51.8% shooting. With Anosike on the floor, the Titans have only given up 91 points per 100 possessions. The Titans are also one of the better free throw shooting teams in the country, making 76.4% of their shots. With Anosike playing, this won’t be a complete domination by Duke. Look for CSU Fullerton to give a Duke a tough game.

149104.7 (144)102.6 (164)66.0 (239)-2.93 (219)
Printable Big 12 Tournament Bracket, Schedule and Standings
Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

NCAA Tournament East Region

(1) Baylor Bears – At-Large Bid (Big 12)

Ranked Victories: #6 Villanova, #8 Iowa State, #20 Texas, #5 Kansas, #21 Texas

Ranked Losses: #19 Texas Tech, #10 Kansas, #11 Texas Tech

The Baylor Bears are once again in a position to win the National Championship. After dominating the tournament last, year Baylor hardly missed a beat without players like Davion Mitchell and Jared Butler. With the help of James Akinjo and LJ Cryer, the Bears are scoring 76.5 points per game. In contrast, they are giving up 63.6 points a game. With an injury to Cryer and losing Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua to a season ending injury, Baylor may struggle against teams that play fast paced.

5117.9 (9)91.6 (14)67.2 (196)+10.71 (12)

(16) Norfolk State Spartans – Auto Bid (MEAC)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Norfolk State Spartans battled to the NCAA Tournament after dealing with a bout of COVID-19 that sidelined the program for three weeks. Joe Bryant Jr. is the leading scorer of the team with 16.8 points per game. In total, the Spartans average 75.1 points per game. On top of that, they also grab 38.8 rebounds per game. The Spartans probably don’t have a chance against Baylor, but this school upset Missouri ten years ago in a 2/15 matchup.

168102.4 (190)102.3 (160)66.9 (187)-10.61 (357)

(8) North Carolina Tar Heels – At-Large Bid (ACC)

Ranked Victories: #24 Michigan, #4 Duke

Ranked Losses: #6 Purdue, #17 Tennessee, #21 Kentucky, #9 Duke

Hubert Davis’ first season as head coach of the Heels went about as good as he wanted. He beat Duke and won 24 games this season. This North Carolina team, much like Alabama has had a very inconsistent season. Carolina beat a majority of teams that they should have, but lost to almost every Quad 1 team they played. Armando Bacot may be the best big man in the country both scoring and rebounding. Different than past seasons, this Carolina teams hits 37% of their threes. If we see the team that showed up against Virginia, Carolina will win the championship. If we see the team that showed up against Virginia Tech, they could lose their first game to Marquette.

29113.1 (27)97.0 (64)70.1 (38)+7.26 (54)

(9) Marquette Golden Eagles – At-Large Bid (Big East)

Ranked Victories: #10 Illinois, #16 Providence, #20 Seton Hall, #11 Villanova, #20 Xavier, #12 Villanova

Ranked Losses: #22 Saint Bonaventure, #23 Wisconsin, #4 UCLA, #22 Xavier, #17 Providence, #24 Uconn

The Marquette Golden Eagles lost their first three conference games. They then went on to win seven straight, including wins over Providence, Seton Hall, Villanova and Xavier. Justin Lewis was the leading scorer for the Golden Eagles, tallying 17.1 per game. Marquette averages 74.4 on the year. Their team is built much like Memphis in the sense that it is a group of athletes. Marquette can go on dominant defensive stretches. If we see this the Gold Eagles could make the second weekend.

47109.8 (62)95.8 (46)70.7 (26)+9.25 (25)

(5) Saint Mary’s Gaels – At-Large Bid (WCC)

Ranked Victories: #1 Gonzaga

Ranked Losses: #2 Gonzaga, #1 Gonzaga

Saint Mary’s has always kind of felt like Gonzaga’s little brother. Even with this, we often see the Gaels in the tournament. Saint Mary’s win over Gonzaga, was the only time that the Bulldogs scored under 60 points since 2018-29. Matthias Tass is a 6-10 senior, who leads the team in scoring at 12.6 points per game. On defense, the Gaels are one of the best in the country, only giving up 60.5 points per game.

16109.8 (63)90.0 (9)63.5 (338)+6.90 (57)

(12) Indiana Hoosiers – At-Large Bid (Big Ten) (Play-in)

Ranked Victories: #13 Ohio State, #4 Purdue, #16 Illinois

Ranked Losses: #22 Wisconsin, #18 Illinois, #17 Michigan State, #15 Wisconsin, #22 Ohio State, #8 Purdue, #24 Iowa

Indiana is dancing for the first time since 2016. Though the Hoosiers finished under .500 in conference, almost all of their games were competitive. Indiana is lead by Trayce Jackson-Davis, who scores 18.1 points per game. With Jackson-Davis’ high scoring output, he still shoots the ball at 58%. On the year, the Hoosiers average 71.5 points per game and give up 65.9 points per game. My only worry about Indiana is that they may have used all of their gas to get to the tournament.

36107.6 (91)92.6 (21)67.0 (184)+8.26 (40)

(12) Wyoming Cowboys – At-Large Bid (Mountain West) (Play-In)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #11 Arizona

Wyoming has lost the play-in game.

(4) UCLA Bruins – At-Large Bid (Pac 12)

Ranked Wins: #4 Villanova, #3 Arizona, #16 USC, #21 USC

Rankes Losses: #1 Gonzaga, #7 Arizona, #21 USC, #2 Arizona

UCLA returned almost their entire team from the final four team last year. UCLA defiantly has a chance to get back to the final four. According to KenPom, the Bruins are top 15 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. Some of the guys that you will remember from last year are of course Tyger Campbell, Johnny Juzang and Jaime Jacquez. Juzand leads the team in scoring at 16 per game. Given the final four experience and the talent, this may be one of the better four seeds in tournament history.

8116.1 (15)91.2 (12)65.5 (258)+8.50 (37)

(13) Akron Zips – Auto Bid (MAC)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #17 Ohio State

The Zips found success this year in Ali Ali. Ali averages 14.2 points per game on 39.4% shooting from the three point line. He adds to the Zips 71.2 points per game. Akron gives up 62.8 points per game. Outside of Ali, three other players average double digit points. The Zips were one of the better mid-major teams, but got a tough draw with UCLA in the first round.

131106.2 (113)102.7 (166)62.1 (351)-5.23 (280)

(6) Texas Longhorns – At-Large Bid (Big 12)

Ranked Wins: #18 Tennessee, #20 Iowa State, #8 Kansas

Ranked Losses: #1 Gonzaga, #23 Seton Hall, #15 Iowa State, #14 Texas Tech, #10 Baylor, #11 Texas Tech, #3 Baylor, #6 Kansas

Chris Beard is the new man in charge in Austin and what did he do? Lead the team to the six seed. The Longhorns make their money on the defensive side of the ball, where they only give up 59.6 points per game. While the defense sounds great, Texas sometimes struggles to score, proved by their 68.3 points per game average. This Longhorns team is susceptible to lose any game because they don’t really have a story. That includes a potential loss to Virginia Tech.

15111.8 (32)91.4 (13)63.1 (341)+9.52 (21)

(11) Virginia Tech Hokies – Auto Bid (ACC)

Ranked Wins: #25 North Carolina, #7 Duke

Ranked Losses: #9 Memphis, #25 Xavier, #2 Duke

Even though Virginia Tech is an 11 seed, they are ranked number 23 in KenPom. This speaks to the competitiveness that Virginia Tech has displayed all year. This includes wins over both North Carolina and Duke. Keve Aluma leads the Hokies in scoring with 15.8 points per game. The Hokies succeed on the defensive side of the ball, only giving up 62.3 points per game. Everyone always looks for the team that is hot entering the tournament, well Virginia Tech may just be that team.

23114.3 (18)96.4 (55)62.9 (344)+6.47 (65)

(3) Purdue Boilermakers – At-Large Bid (Big Ten)

Ranked Victories: #18 North Carolina, #5 Villanova, #17 Illinois, #16 Ohio State, #13 Illinois,

Ranked Losses: #23 Wisconsin, #10 Wisconsin, #24 Iowa

Purdue basketball has been nothing short of incredible for the last couple of seasons. The one thing eluding them is a championship. After losing to Iowa in the Big Ten Championship, Purdue will look to start by taking down Yale. The Boilermakers feature Jaden Ivey, who averages 17.3 points per game. Ivey will likely be a top-three pick in the NBA draft. The Boilermakers may have the most talent on a team in the Big Ten. Zach Edey is a seven-footer who can easily take over a game inside.

14121.3 (3)99.0 (100)65.8 (248)+8.98 (30)

(14) Yale Bulldogs – Auto Bid (Ivy League)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #21 Auburn

The Yale Bulldogs made a statement by taking down Princeton in the Ivy League Tournament. Many people thought that Princeton would be the sleeper in the tournament this season. This is the Ivy League’s first tournament in three years, after the conference cancelled winter sports last season. Azar Swan is the star of this team as he scores 19.1 points per game. If Swan is not scoring, Yale may be in for a tough game against Purdue.

147101.5 (203)99.2 (102)68.7 (86)-2.09 (197)

(7) Murray State Racers – Auto Bid (Ohio Valley)

Ranked Victories: No ranked victories

RankedLosses: #12 Auburn

The Murray State Racers are the hottest team in the country. They have not a lost a game since December 22, when they lost to Auburn. The Racers are on a 20 game winning streak. Murray State is lead by K.J. Williams, who averages 18.2 points per game. The Racers are 22nd in the country with 79.3 points per game. The Racers also rebound the ball very well, collecting 39.2 per game, good for 39th in the country. Outside of Williams, Murray State features two other players, who score over 13 points per game, including Tevin Brown, who scores 16.9. Brown and Williams are one of the most underrated duos in the country and will be the catalyst for a Racers run.

This team is much better than the Ja Morant team, who upset Marquette a couple years back. This team relies on team play, proved by their 14.7 assists per game. In has to be noted that Murray State has only played one ranked team this season, a loss to the aforementioned Auburn. Murray State should not be seen as a team who had a lucky season, as a mid seed, the Racers have the talent to make the second weekend.

KenPom RankAdjOAdjDAdjTAdjEM
26111.5 (36)95.1 (39)66.1 (248)-3.54 (234)

(10) San Francisco Dons – At-Large Bid (WCC)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #1 Gonzaga, #1 Gonzaga, #1 Gonzaga

The San Francisco Dons played one of the greatest seasons in school history this year. This is the Dons first time in the tournament since 1998. Led by Jamaree Bouyea, who scores 16.7 points per game, the Dons total 77.1 per game. San Francisco has a point differential of about ten as they only give up 67.0 points per game. Other than Bouyea, two other players average 13.5 points or more. This first round matchup against Murray State may be the best game of the tournament.

21110.8 (45)92.4 (19)68.7 (89)+5.62 (79)

(2) Kentucky Wildcats – At-Large Bid (SEC)

Ranked Victories: #22 Tennessee, #5 Kansas, #25 Alabama

Ranked Losses: #9 Duke, #21 LSU, #2 Auburn, #16 Tennessee, #18 Arkansas, #9 Tennessee

This Kentucky team is not like a normal Coach Cal team. We have become accustomed to a team full of one-and-done top recruits. The team now consists of a group of recruits and transfer players. Oscar Tshiebwe might be player of the year this year and leads the team with 17 points. Tyty Washington and Sahvir Wheeler are two of a handful of Kentucky players who can bring the team back to glory.

3120.2 (4)93.6 (27)67.3 (155)+9.08 (29)

(15) Saint Peter’s Peacocks – Auto Bid (MAAC)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Saint Peter’s Peacocks are back in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2011. Daryl Banks III is the leading scorer for the Peacocks. Where they succeed though is on the defensive side of the ball. According to KenPom, they have the 33rd best defensive efficiency. Saint Peter’s only gives up 61.8 points per game.

11898.8 (259)94.5 (33)66 (242)-2.77 (212)
arizona march madness ncaa tournament bracketology
Credit: Alec White/

NCAA Tournament South Region

(1) Arizona Wildcats – Auto Bid (Pac 12)

Ranked Victories: #4 Michigan, #3 UCLA, #19 USC, #16 USC, #13 UCLA

Ranked Losses: #19 Tennessee, #7 UCLA

The Arizona Wildcats have been one of the best teams all year. The only problem is, Arizona plays in the Pac 12, where not many people stay up to watch Pac 12 games. Bennedict Mathurin, Azoulas Tubelis and Christian Koloko make up one of the best big threes in the nation. Over the year, the Wildcats score 84.6 points per game and give up 67.5 points per game.

2119.6 (5)92.4 (20)72.2 (8)+6.34 (66)

(16) Wright State Raiders – Auto Bid (Horizon League) (Play-in)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #6 Purdue

If you can believe it, Wright State started the season with a 2-7 record. The Raiders entered the Horizon League tournament as the fourth seed in the conference. After taking down a highly a good Oakland team in the Horizon League Tournament, they took out the number one seed Cleveland State. This was followed by a win over Northern Kentucky in the championship. Now the Horizon League was not great this season and to see Wright State winning the tournament as a four seed, it doesn’t speak to a high competition within the conference. They are lead by Grant Basile, who is one of the better bigs in the country. He averages 18.5 points per game. The leading scorer for this team though is Tanner Holden, who averages 19.8 points per game.

As a team, the Raiders average 75.5 points per game, good for 72nd in the country. The Raiders don’t rebound the ball well, only averaging 34.9 rebounds per game. The Raiders almost give up more points than they score, with 71.1 points per game given up. This is not a great a team and probably won’t make it past their first matchup in the tournament.

182106.4 (107)107.3 (262)68.8 (99)-7.36 (328)

(16) Bryant Bulldogs – Auto Bid (Northeast) (Play-in)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #15 Houston

The Bryant Bulldogs finished first in the NEC this season. They took home the conference tournament crown after a hard fought game against Wagner. The Bulldogs score the ball effectively, scoring 77.9 points per game. The Bulldogs have two players who score over 18 points per game. Charles Pride scores 18 on the dot, while Peter Kiss scores 25.1 a game. Though Kiss does average 25 point per game, he only shoots the three-pointer at 29%. Bryant also rebounds the ball very well, with 41.5 per game. While this offense sounds good, the Bulldogs give up 72.7 points per game. Kiss will be the catalyst if the Bulldogs want to pull off the 1/16 upset.

183104.2 (154)105.2 (218)72.2 (7)-8.59 (352)

(8) Seton Hall Pirates – At-Large Bid (Big East)

Ranked Victories: #4 Michigan, #7 Texas, #25 Xavier

Ranked Losses: #21 Providence, #22 Villanova, #22 Marquette, #15 Villanova, #24 Uconn, #20 Uconn

The Seton Hall Pirates are coming into the NCAA Tournament, winning eight out of their last ten games. Jared Rhoden is averaging 15.9 points per game on 39.2% shooting during the season. While the Pirates can struggle on offense, they only allow 66.3 points per game. Look for Seton Hall to ride their hot streak against a tough TCU team.

35108.5 (75)93.5 (26)67.3 (162)+8.82 (33)

(9) TCU Horned Frogs – At-Large Big (Big 12)

Ranked Victories: #15 Iowa State, #19 LSU, #9 Texas Tech, #6 Kansas, #22 Texas

Ranked Losses: #1 Baylor, #9 Texas Tech, #7 Baylor, #20 Texas, #6 Kansas, #6 Kansas

TCU did not look destined for the NCAA Tournament around the middle of the season. That all changed when the Horned Frogs took down Kansas and Texas Tech in back to back games. The Horned Frogs are lead by Mike Miles, who averages 15 points per game. As a team, the Horned Frogs average 68.1 points per game. In a game against Seton Hall, who has a great offense, the Horned Frogs may get ran out of the building.

38108.2 (80)93.3 (24)65.9 (244)+10.86 (9)

(5) Houston Cougars – Auto Bid (AAC)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #9 Alabama

Houston once again proved to be the cream of the crop in the AAC this season. Although, as is always the case with the Cougars, they do not have a competitive schedule. They did not record one win over a team that was ranked during the game. Kyler Edwards leads the way for the Cougars, scoring 13.8 points per game. Houston’s defense was once agains great this season, as they only gave up 59.1 points per game. With Kelvin Sampson at the helm, this is a team that could see another Final Four.

(12) UAB Blazers – Auto Bid (Conference USA)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The UAB Blazers have won seven straight games on their way to an NCAA Tournament appearance. Jordan Walker is a name to remember for the Blazers. The guard averages 20.4 points per game and has the ability to win a game by himself. Along with Walker, the Blazers have one of the best offense in the league, scoring 80.7 points per game. The Blazers don’t feature the greatest defense, giving up 66.3 points per game. No matter how the defense plays, Walker and the offense should be the focal point of the remaining games for UAB.

46112.5 (28)98.5 (88)68.8 (81)-1.14 (175)

(4) Illinois Fighting Illini – At-Large Bid (Big Ten)

Ranked Victories: #10 Michigan State, #11 Wisconsin, #19 Michigan State, #24 Iowa

Ranked Losses: #11 Arizona, #4 Purdue, #3 Purdue, #22 Ohio State

Illinois shared the Big Ten regular season conference title with the Wisconsin Badgers. They then came into the Big Ten Tournament and dropped an egg. The Fighting Illini went down to Indiana. Illini fans have something to be happy about though, Kofi Cockburn. Cockburn is a menace inside and can take over games by himself, proved by the win over Wisconsin. He leads the teams with 21.1 points of 59.8% shooting. Illinois scores 75.8 points per game, while giving up 67.6.

17113.7 (23)94.1 (30)67.1 (177)+10.23 (15)

(13) UT-Chattanooga Mocs – Auto Bid (Southern)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Chattanooga Mocs are back in the NCAA Tournament. The Mocs finished the Southern Conference with a 14-4 record, good for first. Malachi Smith, one of the best players in the country, averages 20.1 point per game. Smith plays 35 minutes per game shooting at a 50.5 mark. The Mocs also feature former Kansas player, Silvio De Sousa who shoots the ball at a 57.4 clip. Outside of Smith, David Jean-Baptiste, who hit the buzzer-beater against Furman, averages 14.7 points per game. De Sousa rounds out the three double digit scorers, scoring 11.1 a game. As a team, the Mocs average 74.8 points per game and give up 64.7. Chattanooga has the experience in De Sousa and skill with Jean-Baptist and Smith to make the second weekend. Look for Smith to become a household name in the tournament.

71110.1 (59)98.7 (96)65 (303)+0.32 (142)

(6) Colorado State Rams – At-Large Bid (Mountain West)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

The Colorado State Rams have won nine out of their last 11 games. The Rams top four scorers have all been playing for the school for their careers. This includes David Roddy, who averages 19.4 points per game. As a team, the Rams like to slow the ball down and work clock, proved by their 73.7 points per game average. On the defensive side of the ball, the Rams give up 65.7 points per game.

31114.2 (20)98.3 (83)65.1 (280)+5.61 (80)

(11) Michigan Wolverines – At-Large Bid (Big Ten)

Ranked Victories: #3 Purdue, #23 Ohio State

Ranked Losses: #25 Illinois, #10 Michigan State, #4 Purdue, #16 Ohio State, #15 Wisconsin, #15 Illinois, #24 Iowa

Speaking of roller coster years, lets take a look at Michigan. The Wolverines barely got into the NCAA Tournament with a 17-14 overall record. The Wolverines also had to deal with the suspension of head coach Juwan Howard, during an altercation with Wisconsin coach Greg Gard. On the court, Michigan still has Hunter Dickenson, who averages 18.3 points per game. On the season, the Wolverines score 73 points per game and give up 69.9. This team seems way too risky to take a flier on.

(3) Tennessee Volunteers – Auto Bid (SEC)

Ranked Victories: #18 North Carolina, #6 Arizona, #13 LSU, #4 Kentucky, #3 Auburn, #14 Arkansas, #5 Kentucky

Ranked Losses: #5 Villanova, #19 Alabama, #21 LSU, #18 Kentucky, #23 Arkansas

Like UCLA, this Tennessee team seems under-seeded in relation to their talent. The Volunteers ended their season losing one out of their last twelve games. If we want to talk about teams who are hot going far, Tennessee’s name has to be thrown out there. Kennedy Chandler is the leading scorer for the Volunteers, averaging 13.8 points per game. The Volunteers have one of the best defenses in the country, according to KenPom. The Volunteers, only allow 63.2 points per game.

7111.4 (36)86.2 (3)67.2 (172)+11.78 (5)

(14) Longwood Lancers – Auto Bid (Big South)

Ranked Victories: No ranked victories

Ranked Losses: No ranked losses

Everyone rejoice! The Longwood Lancers are in their first NCAA Tournament in program history. The Lancers only dropped one conference game this season to North Carolina A&T. North Carolina A&T finished with a 12-20 overall record. Longwood scores the ball very well, averaging 76.3 points per game. This is good for 58th in the country. The Lancers feature three players who average in double figures. Longwood averages 37.3 rebounds per game and shoots the three point shot at 38%. Longwood has not played a ranked opponent this season, with their closest shot coming against an unranked Iowa team in the first game of the season. The Lancers don’t particularly have a best feature, so its likely this team does not make a far tournament run.

KenPom RankingAdjOAdjDAdjTAdjEM
143106.1 (113)103.6 (189)66.4 (240)-8.07 (341)

(7) Ohio State Buckeyes – At-Large (Big Ten)

Ranked Victories: #21 Seton Hall, #1 Duke, #22 Wisconsin, #15 Illinois

Ranked Losses: #23 Florida, #13 Wisconsin, #6 Purdue

Ohio State ran into a snag as they ended their season. The Buckeyes dropped four of their last five to end the season. For all of the Ohio State fans out there, there is something to look forward to – E.J. Liddell. Liddell averaged 19.6 points per game on the season, with an additional first-team All-Big Ten. The Buckeyes score 73.8 points per game, while giving up 68.5. Liddell is a player who is good enough to carry the Buckeyes to a win.

32116.6 (13)100.8 (131)65.0 (287)+9.48 (22)

(10) Loyola-Chicago Ramblers – Auto Bid (Missouri Valley)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #19 Auburn

The Loyola-Chicago Ramblers are once again back in the NCAA Tournament. This came on the back of a 13-5 conference season, good for second in the Missouri Valley. The Ramblers are lead by Lucas Williamson, who averages 14 points per game. The only other double digit scorer for the Ramblers is Braden Norris. This Ramblers team is not nearly as good as the past Loyola-Chicago teams with Cameron Krutwig.

They do not dominate on offense, scoring a solid 73.8 points per game. With their struggles scoring the ball, the Ramblers on the glass, collect 33.9 points per game. In terms of competition outside of conference, the Ramblers have only played one ranked opponent, a loss to Auburn. Although these factors are the case, according to KenPom, the Ramblers have one of the better defenses in the country. If Sister Jean wants another tournament run, that defense will have to be catalyst.

KenPom RankingAdjOAdjDAdjTAdjEM
23110.9 (42)93.2 (22)64.9 (307)+3.33 (102)

(2) Villanova Wildcats – Auto Bid (Big East)

Ranked Victories: #17 Tennessee, #18 Xavier, #15 Seton Hall, #17 Xavier, #17 Uconn, #8 Providence, #9 Providence, #20 Uconn

Ranked Losses: #2 UCLA, #6 Purdue, #2 Baylor, #24 Marquette, #21 Uconn

Death, taxes and Villanova getting a high seed in the NCAA Tournament. The Wildcats are led by Collin Gillespie, who was named Big East player of the year and averages 15.9 points per game. What makes Gillespie’s season so great is that he averaged 44.3% shooting from the field as a guard. Jay Wright’s team struggled a little more than they usually do, scoring just 72.6 points per game. One defense, Villanova gives up 63.1 points per game.

11117.9 (8)93.8 (28)62.5 (345)+10.78 (10)

(15) Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens – Auto Bid (CAA)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

Much like Wright State, Delaware entered the CAA Tournament as a four seed. The Fightin’ Blue Hens went 10-8 in conference and 22-12 overall. Delaware had to beat Drexel, Towson and UNC Wilmington to represent the conference in the tournament. Delaware is lead by Jameer Nelson Jr., who scores 13.7 points per game. This adds to Delaware’s 73.8 points per game, good for 118th in the country. They are 294th in the country with 32.8 per game. While Delaware does not look like a great team in paper, they do feature Ebby Asamoah, who shoots the three at a 40.3% clip. Outside of Nelson, three other Blue Hens average double digits. This is probably not a team who will make a far run, rather win a game in the NCAA Tournament.

KenPom RankAdjOAdjDAdjTAdjEM
145106.8 (100)104.5 (211)67 (199)-2.40 (205)
Texas Tech vs Kansas Prediction and College Basketball Betting Picks
Credit: Charlie Riedel/AP Photo

NCAA Tournament Midwest Region

(1) Kansas Jayhawks – Auto Bid (Big 12)

Ranked Victories: #15 Iowa State, #13 Texas Tech, #20 Iowa State, #8 Baylor, #21 Texas, #14 Texas Tech

Ranked Losses: #25 Texas Tech, #12 Kentucky, #20 Texas, #10 Baylor

The Kansas Jayhawks added Remy Martin from Arizona State in the offseason to help sure up the rotation. Obviously, Ochai Agbaji is the player to talk about here, as the national player of the year candidate averages 19.7 points per game. With how good the Jayhawks offense is at all factors, this may be Bill Self’s best team at the school. Look for them to hit a deep tournament run.

6119.4 (6)93.9 (29)69.1 (68)+12.02 (3)

(16) Texas Southern Tigers – Auto Bid (SWAC) (Play-in)

Ranked Victories: #20 Florida

Ranked Losses: #13 Oregon, #18 BYU

When looking at Texas Southern’s resume, the first thing that sticks out is their win over Florida. The Tigers knocked off the one-seeded Alcorn State to represent the conference in the NCAA Tournament. John Walker III leads the team in scoring, coming in at just under 10 points – 9.9. The Tigers only score 69.2 points per game, whole giving up 65.5. The play in game may be the only game for the Tigers this year.

18898.1 (270)99.4 (107)67.7 (128)-6.77 (318)

(16) Texas A&M-Corpus Christie Islanders – Auto Bid (Southland) (Play-in)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

Texas A&M-Corpus Christie has lost the play-in game.

(8) San Diego State Aztecs – At-Large Bid (Mountain West)

Ranked Victories: #20 Colorado State, #23 Colorado State

Ranked Losses: #24 USC, #24 Michigan

The San Diego Aztecs are one of the hottest teams in college basketball right now, winning 11 of their last 13 games. San Diego State is led by Matt Bradley, who averages 17 pointer per game. Other than Bradley, the team does not score the ball very well. But, one again San Diego State has their lockdown defense, only giving up 57.7 points per game.

22104.1 (157)85.9 (2)65.3 (268)+6.71 (61)

(9) Creighton Bluejays – At-Large Bid (Big East)

Ranked Victories: #24 BYU, #9 Villanova, #17 Uconn, #18 Uconn, #11 Providence

Ranked Losses: #19 Iowa State, #19 Villanova, #17 Xavier, #21 Xavier, #11 Providence, #8 Villanova

The Creighton Bluejays were just one team that were in the middle of the wild Big East. The Bluejays were able to solidify a spot in the tournament with a run to the Big East Championship. Greg McDermott’s squad is lead by Ryan Hawkins, who averages 13.9 points per game. As a team, the Bluejays score 69 points per game and give up 65.9 per game.

53105.6 (124)92.1 (18)66.9 (190)+8.69 (35)

(5) Iowa Hawkeyes – Auto Bid (Big Ten)

Ranked Victories: #18 Ohio State, #9 Purdue

Ranked Losses: #2 Purdue, #17 Iowa State, #23 Wisconsin, #6 Purdue, #20 Illinois

The Iowa Hawkeyes did not have the greatest Big Ten season of all time, but for made up for that in the tournament. It seems like Iowa’s team is starting to finally come together. Keegan Murray is one of the best players in the country. He averages 23-7 points per game and shoots the ball at 56%. To go along with the scoring, Iowa averages 84 point per game as a team. This is while holding the defense to 71.4 points per game.

13121.5 (2)98.0 (77)69.6 (52)+7.63 (49)

(12) Richmond Spiders – Auto Bid (Atlantic 10)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

Richmond was able to sneak into the tournament on the back of an Atlantic 10 tournament championship run. They finished as six in the conference standings, but with the help of Tyler Burton, who averages 16.3 points per game, Richmond could cause trouble. On the offensive side of the ball, the Spiders score 71.9 points per game. On the defensive side of the ball, the Spiders give up 68.5 points per game. This team reminds me of Georgetown last year. A team that sneaks in that disappoints in their first weekend.

83109.2 (68)99.3 (104)66.9 (91)+4.42 (92)

(4) Providence Friars – At-Large Bid (Big East)

Ranked Victories: #20 Uconn, #15 Seton Hall, #21 Xavier, #22 Marquette,

Ranked Losses: #10 Villanova, #11 Villanova

Providence had the best season in program history, winning the Big East regular season conference title. Heading into the tournament, many had high expectations to see how Providence could prove their season. They went down in the early part of the tournament. Nate Watson leads the team in scoring with 13.8 points per game. Ed Cooley’s team scores 71.8 points per game and gives up 67 points per game.

49111.9 (31)98.0 (79)65.2 (273)+7.04 (56)

(13) South Dakota State Jackrabbits – Auto Bid (Summit)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #14 Alabama

For those of you who have not watched college basketball this year, South Dakota State might be the best mid-major team outside of Murray State and the WCC. The Jackrabbits are the second best scoring team in the country, with 86.7 points per game. To add to that, SDSU shoots three-point shots at 44.9%, good for first in the country. The Jackrabbits are lead by Douglas Wilson, who averages 16.5 points per game. Baylor Scheierman adds another 16.2, while Noah Freidel scores 14.2. While all of this offense sounds great, here is where they could struggle. The Jackrabbits give up 73.4 points per game. They don’t have a player over 6-8. If South Dakota State is not able to run and gun, it may be a long game for Jackrabbit fans.

70116.7 (11)105.3 (122)69.8 (57)-3.89 (248)

(3) Wisconsin Badgers – At-Large (Big Ten)

Ranked Victories: #12 Houston, #3 Purdue, #16 Ohio State, #17 Michigan State, #8 Purdue

Ranked Losses: #21 Ohio State, #14 Michigan State, #15 Illinois

Wisconsin was projected to take 10th in the Big, but finished tied for first place. Johnny Davis was a huge reason for that as the Big Ten Player of the Year averaged 19.7 points per game on 43.4% shooting. As a team, the Badgers averaged 70.7 points per game and have only given up 66.5 points per game.

KenPomAdjOAdj DAdjTAdjEM
34110.4 (49)94.8 (38)66.5 (208)+10.05 (19)

(14) Colgate Raiders – Auto Bid (Patriot League)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: No Ranked Losses

After starting the season with a 4-10 record, the Colgate Raiders won 19 of their last 20 games to win the Patriot League. They entered the conference tournament with a one seed. The Raiders won both of their games in the tournament by 15 more points. The Raiders are lead by Nelly Cummings, who averages 14.5 points on the season. Cummings, along with four other players on the Raiders average 10 more points per game.

The Raiders also shoot the ball very well from three-point ranging, hitting them 40.3% of the time. With five players scoring in double figures, Colgate averages 17.2 assists per game, good for 12th in the country. Colgate also has a point differential of nine, as they hold their opponents to only 67.1 points per game. There are a lot of unknowns surrounding the Raiders, but this is a team can catch a high seed off guard due to their team play.

119108.3 (81)104.1 (204)67.6 (164)-7.85 (337)

(7) USC Trojans – At-Large Bid (Pac 12)

Ranked Victories: #12 UCLA

Ranked Losses: #7 Arizona, #2 Arizona, #17 UCLA, #13 UCLA

The USC Trojans are a tough team to evaluate considering that the only ranked games they played were against two teams. Evan’s brother Isaiah Mobley leads the team in scoring, with 14.3 points per game. The team as a whole scores 72.6 points per game, while giving up 65.9 points per game.

42110.5 (47)96.0 (49)66.0 (237)+5.23 (84)

(10) Miami Hurricanes – At-Large (ACC)

Ranked Victories: #2 Duke

Ranked Losses: #10 Alabama, #7 Duke

The Miami Hurricanes were the surprise team in the ACC this season. The Hurricanes were led by a three headed monster, including leading scorer, Kameron McGusty. Miami as a team combines for 74.8 points per game, while giving up 71 points per game. This will be a contender for game of the weekend as both teams occupy the same role in their conference.

62114.8 (17)102.1 (157)67.3 (160)+6.64 (63)

(2) Auburn Tigers- At-Large (SEC)

Ranked Victories: #16 LSU, #24 Alabama, #12 Kentucky

Ranked Losses: #22 Uconn, #17 Tennessee

Bruce Pearl once again helped to continue to establish Auburn as a basketball school. Projected number one draft pick Jabari Smith led the way for the Tigers scoring 17.1 points per game. The team as a whole scored 78.7 points per game and only gave up 67 points per game. Part of that is the defense from North Carolina transfer Walker Kessler.

10113.6 (24)89.1(8)70.0 (40)+8.77 (34)

(15) Jacksonville State Gamecocks – Auto Bid (Atlantic Sun)

Ranked Victories: No Ranked Victories

Ranked Losses: #6 Alabama

Jacksonville State lead the Atlantic Sun this year with a 13-3 conference record. Entering the conference tournament with a number one overall seed, the Gamecocks had one of the more unconventional routes to an NCAA Tournament appearance. They actually lost to Jacksonville in the semifinals. Jacksonville then lost to Bellarmine. Bellarmine was ruled ineligible for postseason play due to them recently reclassifying as a division one school. Because, Bellarmine is unable to represent the conference, that spot goes to the regular season conference champion – Jacksonville State. The Gamecocks score 73.9 points per game, while allowing 66.8. They are lead by Darian Adams, who scores 15.6 points per game. The Gamecocks specialize at shooting the three-point shot, shooting it at 38.8%. If Jacksonville State gets hot from the three-point line, they could give Auburn a lot of trouble.

146105.3 (132)103.1 (178)65.1 (276)-5.14 (277)

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