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Harbaugh Hints Lamar Jackson Could Break QB Rushing Record

Harbaugh Hints Lamar Jackson Could Break QB Rushing Record

If there’s one thing we know the Baltimore Ravens quarterback can do, it’s run. There is no need to complicate things in Baltimore, since the Ravens have been vocal about using Lamar Jackson‘s skill set in this revamped offense.

Coach John Harbaugh was asked about how Jackson’s rushing attempts would compare to Cam Newton’s career-high of 139 attempts, to which Harbaugh replied, “I’d bet the over on that one.”

Discussing the topic further, Harbaugh mentioned, “We’re about to find out what the limits are on that. I think it’s going to open up opportunities for quarterbacks.”


The First Bell Cow Quarterback?

Essentially, Jackson is the lead back in what is expected to be a run-heavy offense. In his rookie season, Jackson set the all-time quarterback record for rushing attempts, with 147. Initially, we were told that the Ravens would dial back their quarterback’s called rushing plays, but it sounds like they have changed their minds, if Harbaugh’s lack of hesitation in his answer is any indication. If Jackson plays a full 16 games, it seems reasonable that he would run somewhere between 145-175 times, taking what he have heard from Baltimore into consideration. They need to protect the second-year quarterback, but when it comes down to getting a rhythm on offense, they will default to the strengths of their players.


Fantasy Value

Dual-threat quarterbacks are a big asset in fantasy, with most leagues being heavily-weighted towards rushing and receiving stats. The question with Jackson is if he really is a dual-threat, since he clearly was not up to par passing the ball last season. It doesn’t seem like the Ravens want to raise Jackson rushing cap too much. Currently, Jackson is ranked as the QB14, after he ranked as QB13 with his per game average once being named the starter last season.



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