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Growth of Fantasy Sports is an Unstoppable Reality [Infographic]

fantasy sports
Credit: The Philly Godfather

The growth of fantasy sports is an unstoppable reality. From fantasy football to fantasy eSports, there is something for everyone to play every single day. We received an announcement a couple weeks ago that the XFL will be back in two years, and the first thing I saw on Twitter was celebration that this meant MORE fantasy football!

For those who know me well, you know I live and breathe fantasy sports. Possibly to an unhealthy amount, but we’re not here for my intervention. We’re here to celebrate my addiction and explore just how huge the fantasy sports industry is.

This beautiful infographic was designed by the folks at Betting-Sites. I have their permission to share their hard work with you, so we can all come together and get excited about the direction fantasy sports is headed, because it truly is an unstoppable force. Share this article to show people how amazing fantasy sports are, and let me know in the comments which of these 101 facts caught your attention most!

Fantasy Sports

Credit: Betting-Sites

Thanks again to the folks at Betting-Sites! Definitely go check out everything else they have to offer!


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