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FlurrySports Expert Super Bowl Selections


Everyone has an opinion about the Super Bowl, the one time of the year everyone thinks they’re a sports fan. Around here at FlurrySports, we have opinions all the time, and the team is eager to weigh in on our thoughts on Super Bowl LII.

Read and learn and feel free to agree or disagree with our expert panel: (Spoiler alert, if you’re an Eagles fan, you should go ahead and get angry right now.)

Chris Porter


Every time a formidable player, team, coach, etc. has come before Brady and Belichick, the duo always finds a way to scheme to the weaknesses of the team they are playing. I don’t think this Super Bowl will be any different. As a fan of the Green Bay Packers, I always have to root against the Patriots because Brady is, in my opinion, wrongly handed the title of GOAT without debate. But that is a discussion for another time. Personally, I am just happy that the division rival Vikings did not make it this far. While I will be rooting for the Eagles, alongside the rest of the non-New England area, I have to go back to the beginning of this post and cite Brady and Belichick and their ability to overcome any player, team, or situation.

Patriots 31, Eagles 24


Christian Potts


Yes, America (most of it) is tired of watching the Patriots win. And yes, nothing is more fun than watching the bully get a bloody nose. And yes, as an NFC East guy hoping my Redskins can someday get back to the big game, it leaves me torn whether to cheer for those hated Patriots or the pretty much equally hated division rival Eagles. So I’ll probably sit around and wait for halftime and make fun of Justin Timberlake and then have a few more cookies. Who am I kidding? Of course I’ll watch, and of course the Patriots will find a way, just as they did two weeks ago in the AFC title game against the Jaguars. Brady and Bill ride again.

Patriots 27, Eagles 21


Derek Blank


I’m very unsure about this game. On one hand, Philly’s front four on defense has created havoc all year, where eight guys are rotating in and out all game long, keeping them fresh throughout the fourth quarter. Nick Foles is a wild card, where he’s played great and even lit up the number one defense in the conference championship against Minnesota, but his lack of playoff experience could catch up to him. The underdog story has been awesome to witness, but it may come to an end. For me, it’s just too hard to bet against the Patriots. They seem to prove that year after year it’s a bad bet to go against them. Tom Brady, even at the age of 40 years young, is still Tom Brady. Gronk looks to be healthy, so Brady will have a plethora of targets to carve up even this stingy Eagles defense. I expect Belichick and company to get the job done again and bring home Brady’s sixth Super Bowl ring.

Patriots 31, Eagles 27

Stevie Lumsden


A chance to fade the public AND back Tom Brady in the Super Bowl? Yes please. With 56 percent of the money on the Eagles to cover, I’ll roll with the Patriots to take it down late.

Patriots 34, Eagles 28


Schyuler Mills


The Patriots are led by a player getting GOAT recommendations because of trophies he’s earned playing in a system that’s best in the league year in and year out. Alshon can promise his town they are bringing home the trophy all he wants, but we all saw what happens when you make bold promises against the Patriots.

Patriots 28, Eagles 17


Ryan Grabig


Tom Brady is Super Bowl MVP, Danny Amendola makes the game-winning catch with under two minutes to play, and Bill Belichick retires in the offseason riding off into the sunset!

Patriots 31, Eagles 27


Eric Fischer


A slow, low-scoring first half opens up in the second, and the Patriots put the Eagles away with a late field goal.

Patriots 27, Eagles 23

Shawn Patrick Flynn


It seems as if the Philadelphia Eagles have surprised a lot of people this postseason, at least a lot of folks outside of Philadelphia. I happened to pick against Philadelphia in both of their home playoff games last month. That was a mistake. But a mistake I won’t make is picking against Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I will never do so again, we are in a post 28-3 world now.

Patriots 24, Eagles 21


Daniel Tirado


The Philadelphia Eagles have impressed many this season, but it appeared that spark was done when Wentz got injured. Since this injury, Foles has stepped in and has done a great job. This offense completely destroyed arguably one of the best defenses in the NFC and defeated the Vikings (38-7). This set the stage for what’s next. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Now, the Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl against Tom Brady. My prediction for this game is a low scoring first half where both teams will come out to attack in the second half. I think the Eagles defense will put enough pressure on Brady to cause him to make mistakes. Eagles win it late with a Touchdown!

Eagles 31, Patriots 24 


Zach Brunner


I have been talking Super Bowl predictions for the past two weeks, so I’m happy we finally get on with the game tomorrow. The outcome of this matchup will come down to one thing: turnovers. This Eagles team has thrived off the turnovers they has forced all season long. I feel it’s irrelevant to look at the first eight games at this point in the season, so let’s view the final eight games’ numbers. They have 10 interceptions, an insane 10 forced fumbles, and 16 sacks to add to that. However, the Patriots’ top focus on offense has always been protecting the football. As a team, they have lost just four fumbles on the season, and half come from players who will not see the field in this game (Gillislee and Ebner).

I think the Patriots win the turnover battle in this game, and I think their defense is drastically underrated by the morons who focus and hang onto the first story line from the year. For example, they have 10 more sacks than the Eagles in the final eight games of the regular season. This is a bend, but don’t break, scheme. I go into this argument more in episode six of the FlurrySports Podcast. Despite all of the Patriots praise, I do think this will be a battle. I expect a one score game in the fourth quarter, which New England generally comes out on top of.

Patriots 27, Eagles 23


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