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FlurrySports Fantasy Football Pirate League Breakdown, Rules and Coverage

As fantasy football continues to gain more and more popularity, different variations of leagues with all kinds of rules continue to be created. We have seen best ball leagues gain a great deal of popularity, thanks to sites like Underdog. Survivor and Vampire leagues have also given experienced fantasy owners a new, interesting way to play. Along these same lines, fantasy football pirate leagues provide a different spin on the way you can play fantasy.

Here at FlurrySports, we are creating our own fantasy football pirate league for you to follow along with all season long. With updates on trades, waivers, results and more, we will be providing you content with articles, as well as Twitter exclusive content. Once you read below what a fantasy football pirate league is, you’ll see why this will be something you will want to keep tabs on.

fantasy football pirate league

What is a Fantasy Football Pirate League?

In its most simple form, a pirate league is straightforward. The winner of each weekly matchup gets to force a trade with the team they beat. Of course, this could quickly turn ugly. Since we don’t want teams to get fully over or underpowered during the first month of the season, we have designed our own rules that we believe make the most sense.

FlurrySports Fantasy Football Pirate League Rules

Winning Players and FAAB

First, the winner of each weekly matchup has an important decision to make. They can force a one-to-one trade of the same position, or they can steal the opposing team’s entire FAAB budget. That’s right. You better win, otherwise your opposition could be coming for that booty. Winning a weekly matchup also rewards that $5 towards their FAAB, so there is a way to earn some money back, if theirs is stolen Week 1.

Protecting Players

Teams will also be given the ability to protect two players each week. However, these players must be in the starting lineup for that week, and protection must be put on a player prior to kickoff on Thursday Night Football. Along with protection, teams will submit to the commissioner the top three players from their opponent they wish to target that week.

This means a few things. First, a player on bye must be started if the owner wishes to protect them. Second, two players must be locked into each team’s lineup prior to TNF kickoff, so they better be sure they are healthy enough to play. If the winning team chose more than one unprotected player to target, they will be given the choice for which they would like to trade for. Only one unprotected player targeted means they must trade for them for steal their opponent’s FAAB budget.

Roster and Scoring Settings

The FlurrySports Fantasy Football Pirate League will be a PPR Superflex league with one IR slot. Players on IR are eligible to be stolen.

  • QB
  • 2RB
  • 2WR
  • TE
  • Flex
  • Superflex
  • K
  • DST
  • 6 Bench Spots

Follow Along This Season!

We have created the @FFPirateLeague Twitter account to post instant updates throughout the season. Everyone in the league will have access to this account, so watch for them to cut promos, make roster announcements, etc. on that account this season.

FlurrySports will also be posting articles here throughout the entire season giving updates to standings, roster moves, etc. For quick access, you can save the FF Pirate League page to see all the articles in one place. If you’re reading this on Monday (9/6), we will be deciding the draft order for tonight, then posting the draft results tomorrow. Fantasy football results from a Madden stream on our Twitch will dictate the order.

We also still need to decide on a prize and/or punishment. If you have any ideas, Tweet them at us!

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