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Five Reasons to Start Watching WWE Right Now

As a WWE fan, I understand that it’s not something you always brag about. Sure, it’s impressive, entertaining, dramatic and sometimes just plain cool, but then some nerd from down the office calls you a “nerd”. I can’t deny that WWE is ridiculous by nature, but that doesn’t make it a great thing to be a fan of. WWE is half sport, half soap-opera, and if you treat it as such, you might just get hooked on it like so many have. Now, others will tell you that WWE’s best days are behind it. To those Debbie-Downers I say “wrong!” WWE is a different animal now than it was twenty years ago sure, but it has changed in many great ways. So, here are four reasons you should give WWE a chance for the first time or again right now. Most on this list are superstars who make the product great right now or parts of the WWE product that get you hooked. Either way, enter with an open mind and I think you’ll leave with new love for WWE.


Reason One: AJ Styles

This guy puts the wrestling in WWE (what do you mean one of the W’s doesn’t stand for wrestling? Oh well). AJ was one of the best in-ring workers on the planet before he ever stepped foot in a WWE ring, and now he is the best wrestler in WWE or beyond. Every match AJ is in gets a huge boost of athleticism, charisma, and wow factor that can’t really be matched by anyone else. He even falls better than everyone else! (See Below) So, if you want to see someone who makes look more like a full on sport than anyone else? Go watch AJ Styles versus John Cena at Royal Rumble. Or any AJ Styles Pay-Per-View Match. Or just any time AJ walks into the ring. You will not be disappointed.


Reason Two: Women’s Wrestling is Better than Ever

There I said it. Sure WWE has been around for a long time and nostalgia makes all things shine, but there has just never been as much emphasis on athleticism or actual great characters in the Women’s division as there is currently. These ladies kick-ass, entertain, and really outshine the men on often an occasion. Whether it’s Charlotte Flair, ¬†Bliss, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Bayley, or Sasha Banks or… (too many great names to list), WWE has finally decided that ladies should be given a chance to have great matches, feuds and moments beyond being gorgeous, and that makes the whole product a lot better. If you need proof, watch the Wrestlemania match between Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha (below), or the PPV match between Naomi and Alexa Bliss. Now, I hope WWE will push it to the point where no one will have to write an article on how great women’s wrestling is, because everyone will just say “Duh, of course it is.”


Reason Three: The New Day

Now, let’s not take WWE too seriously. What makes wrestling great is that along with great matches, it isn’t afraid to make fun of itself sometimes, and to be more than a bit ridiculous. Enter the New Day. This tag team of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods is one of the funniest acts going in a long while in the WWE, and they are a must watch. The trio is a constant supply of owl impersonations, catchphrases, merchandise, hip shaking, and surprisingly amazing matches. If you need a reminder that WWE is all about entertainment, look no further than any segment or match the New Day is involved in. “WHO?”


Reason Four: Braun Strowman

This reason is primarily for those who want to see a bad ass refrigerator with legs throw other big dudes around like yesterday’s garbage. They call Strowman the “Monster Among Men” and for good reason. This hulk of man is so unbelievably big, athletic, scary, and just crazy in general that he is awesome. He flipped an ambulance for crying out loud! Come ON!! That’s cool! Every match with Strowman has a moment where you literally laugh because he is so fricken intimidating. I can not get enough of the screaming man from the backwoods, and I think if you give him a look you’ll either be a fan like me, or simply glad that you never ran into the man on a dark street corner. Either way, you’ll be impressed by Braun.


Reason Five: NXT

WWE’s worst kept secret is their developmental program. Now, don’t be fooled. It is the stars who haven’t quite made it to RAW or Smackdown yet, but they aren’t green by any means. Often newly acquired talent who are already stars elsewhere, the stars of NXT get more opportunities to tell stories with less drawn out feuds and more excellent wrestling. The characters, matches, and overall product of NXT are more fine tuned and consistent as great television. Stars like Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, and the Revival all were even better to watch on NXT, and were must sees from an entertainment standpoint. Watch any NXT TakeOver in the past two years and you’ll find a reason to give wrestling a chance. I guarantee it.


Why do you love WWE? Why don’t you? Be sure to get in the conversation in our discussion section.

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