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Five Reasons to Start Watching WWE Right Now

As a WWE fan, I understand that it’s not something you always brag about. Sure, it’s impressive, entertaining, dramatic and sometimes just plain cool, but then some nerd from down the office calls you a “nerd”. I can’t deny that WWE is ridiculous by nature, but that doesn’t make it a great thing to be a fan of. WWE is half sport, half soap-opera, and if you treat it as such, you might just get hooked on it like so many have. Now, others will tell you that WWE’s best days are behind it. To those Debbie-Downers I say “wrong!” WWE is a different animal now than it was twenty years ago sure, but it has changed in many great ways. So, here are four reasons you should give WWE a chance for the first time or again right now. Most on this list are superstars who make the product great right now or parts of the WWE product that get you hooked. Either way, enter with an open mind and I think you’ll leave with new love for WWE.


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