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First Round NBA Playoff Predictions and X-Factors

NBA Playoffs

After the long NBA season, we are finally here, the NBA Playoffs. We’ve seen epic comebacks, outstanding performances, lights out shooting, and massive dunks. However, when it comes to the playoffs, all of those moments mean nothing. This is a whole new season. This is the time where stars shine, and teams show just exactly what they are made of or exactly how far they are from truly contending. This season came with just as many surprises as it did disappointments. And I expect the same out of these playoffs.

Although the NBA Playoffs are usually exciting, they are also predictable. With the top four seeds in each conference usually advancing, I’m not so sure if we will see upsets or more of the same. No matter what the is the case is, I expect most of these series to be extremely close and exhilarating. Look at how the Western Conference finished, every team was barely separated from each other except the Rockets and Warriors. The Eastern Conference was a bit more spread out, but you could say that each higher seeded team is actually facing a quality opponent. Enough of the intro let’s get to the fun part.

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