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Fantasy Football Start/Sit/Cut: Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard, Breece Hall

With the 2022 NFL regular season on the horizon, fantasy football managers everywhere will divulge themselves into research as to which players are worthy prospects for their team. Now, with the prominence of PPR formatted leagues, wide receivers have dominated the drafts. However, running backs still take up two starting positions on any given team. With the seemingly shrinking influx of elite RBs, managers have to make the tough choices of selecting one player over another.

Below, we have a truly tough matchup for these three RBs, two of them coming from the same team. “Start,” means they have the highest value relative to their average draft position (ADP). On the opposite end, “cut” means this particular player has the lowest value of the bunch, while “sit” is somewhere in the middle. ADP on this list was taken from Fantasy Football Calculator PPR data. Is the Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football value still supreme, or is Tony Pollard or Breece Hall the more valuable pick?

Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football tony pollard breece hall
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Fantasy Football Start/Sit/Cut: Ezekiel Elliott, Breece Hall and Tony Pollard

Start: Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Value

Currently, the Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football ADP is RB15, which isn’t nearly as good as he used to be. He has been on a gradual decline since 2019, with a slight recovery last year, pushing him over the 1,000 yards rushing mark. However, one could chalk that up to the longer season.

Somehow, the Ezekiel Elliott fantasy ADP currently sits at the modest spot of 3.04. Or, in other words, the fourth pick of the third round. All things considered, that’s not a bad spot for an RB of his stature — 27 years old and not getting any younger. As Jerry Jones has previously stated, he needs to be the focus of the running game this season, and they are still paying him to be. In conclusion, until Tony Pollard takes the ball away permanently, Elliott remains the starter.

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Sit: Breece Hall Fantasy Value

The current Breece Hall fantasy football ADP is 4.08 or RB22. Hall holds the title of the highest-picked New York Jet in fantasy football. While fans might be questioning where Michael Carter sits on the roster, it is obvious that the Jets are already looking towards an upgrade at the position. Hence, why Hall was selected by the team in the 2022 draft.

Breece Hall looks to be the future workhorse of the Jets offense. He is largely anticipated to be a three-down back and has upside to his passing game availability. Which, in the PPR world we live in, is a tremendous trait to have out of the backfield. Given Zach Wilson’s pending availability status, the offense will probably need to rely on the ground game for a while. Lastly, while you may consider Garrett Wilson to be another rookie contributor to the team, it is Hall’s rushing and receiving potential that put him over both Wilson and the rest of the offense.

Cut: Tony Pollard Fantasy Value

Right now, the Tony Pollard fantasy ADP is 6.11, RB31. If you’re an Ezekiel Elliott fan, this is good news. But, we still have to address the elephant in the room. Since Elliott’s statistical decline in 2019, Pollard’s stats have only risen since then. Of note, 2019 was Pollard’s rookie year. Coincidence? I think not. My point is that Pollard has only gotten more and more playing time since being drafted in 2019, and Elliott’s has declined since Pollard joined the team.

Additionally, Ezekiel Elliott finds himself needing to address the Tony Pollard problem, and the contract Zeke carries certainly doesn’t help his case either. However, until Pollard officially takes the keys from him, then the show is still his. While Pollard may be poised to run the show next year, the Tony Pollard fantasy football ADP is adequately ranked. In other words, we simply don’t know Pollard’s future. Thus, drawing him the shortest straw in this start/sit/cut battle.

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