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College Basketball Top-25 Breakdown and Other Headlines: Week 12

Villanova Basketball
Credit: ESPN

Each week on Monday, I will be posting a breakdown of the AP Top 25, as well as other headlines from power conference teams around the country.

*AAC, A10, and WCC included in power conferences*

Last Week’s Rankings

AP Top-25

  1. Villanova
  2. Virginia
  3. Purdue
  4. MSU
  5. Xavier
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Texas Tech
  8. Auburn
  9. Duke
  10. Kansas
  11. St Marys
  12. Gonzaga
  13. Arizona
  14. Ohio State
  15. Tennessee
  16. Clemson
  17. Oklahoma
  18. Rhode Island
  19. West Virginia
  20. Michigan
  21. UNC
  22. Wichita State
  23. Nevada
  24. Kentucky
  25. Miami

Top-25 Breakdown

I know it sounds like I say this every week, but I believe that once again the AP committee was spot on with rankings. My one and only complaint is that I believe UNC should have fallen out of the rankings and Butler should be in. Also, it does not have to do with the poll directly, but I was shocked to see that ULL out of the Sun Belt did not receive any top-25 votes. They have won every single game in the conference by double-digits and they are undefeated in the league. Outside of conference play, they have just three losses to Clemson, Ole Miss, and Wyoming.

Top-25 Notes

  • #10 Kansas quiets down Kansas State with a 14-point win on the road.
  • #14 Ohio State makes Indiana’s tournament bid odds very unlikely, as the Hoosiers lost yet another game.
  • #16 Clemson finally beats UNC, and they did it at home by four points.
  • #8 Auburn is playing super solid hoops and they grabbed another fantastic road win vs Ole Miss to reach the top 10.
  • Trae Young pours in 44 (what else is new), in a win for #17 Oklahoma over Baylor, and #7 Texas Tech out duals Texas in overtime by two points. Then, Texas had another emotional home game, and it paid off, as they upset Oklahoma and Trae Young.
  • #4 MSU gets another challenge from Penn State, this time in the Breslin. MSU ended up winning by eight, then the Spartans survived Indiana, as the Hoosiers finished the game in a terrible way when they were set up to win.
  • #6 Cincinnati holds off Houston at home for a firmer grip at the top in the AAC.
  • #19 West Virginia is officially struggling as they fall to Iowa State by 16 points.
  • #22 Wichita State receives a hurtful upset from Temple by two in overtime.
  • #18 Rhode Island heads into the hardest place to play in the A10 conference for another dominant win over VCU leaving VCU in trouble.
  • Blue Bloods, #9 Duke and #10 Kansas, both are upset on Saturday. Kansas starts it off with a minor upset from Oklahoma State, but it was in Kansas. Then, Duke fell to St Johns for a terrible out of conference upset.

Other Headlines

  • Georgia knocks off Florida by 12 points for a mini upset, but more importantly a great resume builder for the Bulldogs. However, to finish the week a different Bulldogs team stole the spot light. Mississippi State beat Georgia by 15.
  • TCU is improving, as they won 79-66 at Oklahoma State, but to end the week they lost at home to Texas Tech by eight.
  • Butler gets a second fantastic win, behind their win over Villanova earlier in the year. The Bulldogs went to Marquette for a 20-point win.
  • Minnesota could officially be done in terms of tournament hopes, with a 14-point loss to Iowa.
  • Texas A&M blows out Arkansas at home in a great SEC match-up, and they looked scary good in a 23-point win over South Carolina.
  • Syracuse and Florida State put themselves in a hole with terrible losses to Georgia Tech and Wake, who sit at the bottom of the ACC.
  • In overtime, VTech gets back in the tournament picture with a great road win over BC.
  • Alabama suffers a tough loss to Missouri on their home court, but make up for it by flexing their dominance after being called inconsistent, by beating the Gators by 18.
  • Tulsa stays in the conversation for a tournament bid with a huge win over SMU by nine.
  • Miami wins a positional game in the ACC, as they took out VTech on the road. Also in the ACC, FSU wins on the road at Louisville.
  • Kentucky drops a tough game on the road at Missouri to once again fall out of the top 25.
  • LSU grabs a big win at home over Arkansas, as both teams are in the tournament hunt.
  • Oregon suffers a massive loss to Stanford by 34 points.
  • UCLA takes out rival USC for PAC 12 bragging rights and positioning.
  • St Bon holds off Duquesne for second place in the A10.
  • Washington sweeps Arizona schools this week to jump on top of the PAC 12, for the moment, in terms of momentum.

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