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College Basketball Rankings: Big Ten Shakes Up the Top-25

Every Monday, we will be releasing our updated college basketball rankings, with major headlines from the college basketball world. With a couple of big losses, as well as big wins this week, the Big Ten accounts for a lot of movement in this week’s rankings.

college basketball rankings
Credit: Tommy Gilligan/USA Today Sports

Top25 College Basketball Rankings

  1. Gonzaga (4-0, 0-0)
  2. Baylor (5-0, 1-0)
  3. Kansas (7-1, 1-0)
  4. Iowa (6-1, 0-0)
  5. Houston (5-0, 0-0)
  6. West Virginia (7-1, 1-0)
  7. Villanova (7-1, 3-0)
  8. Texas (7-1, 1-0)
  9. Tennessee (4-0, 0-0)
  10. Wisconsin (6-1, 0-0)
  11. Rutgers (6-0, 2-0)
  12. Virginia (3-1, 0-0)
  13. Creighton (6-2, 2-1)
  14. Michigan State (6-1, 0-1)
  15. Richmond (6-1, 0-0)
  16. Missouri (5-0, 0-0)
  17. Texas Tech (6-2, 0-1)
  18. North Carolina (5-2, 0-0)
  19. Michigan (6-0, 1-0)
  20. Xavier (8-0, 1-0)
  21. Duke (3-2, 1-0)
  22. Ohio State (6-1, 0-1)
  23. Louisville (4-1, 0-0)
  24. Virginia Tech (5-1, 1-0)
  25. Saint Louis (6-1, 0-0)
Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

College Basketball Top–25 Headlines

Houston’s head coach, Kelvin Sampson, announced that all 15 of his players had COVID-19

Gonzaga shows why they are the best team in the country, and remains undefeated after dominating Iowa in a top-5 matchup.

Kansas takes down Big 12 rival, Texas Tech in a classic defensive nail biter.

Iowa’s Luka Garza continues to dominate college basketball, with a 30/10 game in a loss to Gonzaga.

Wisconsin scheduled a game mid-week against Louisville. The Badgers took in to the Cardinals and won by a score of 85-48.

Rutgers remained undefeated, knocking off two Big Ten teams, Maryland and Ohio State.

Creighton suffered their first loss of the season to the hands of Big East rival, Marquette.

Michigan State got dominated in their first Big Ten matchup, losing 79-65 to Northwestern.

Michigan enters the top 25, riding a 6-0 start to their season.

Xavier enters the top 25, as the first team to win 8 games. Their eighth win came at the buzzer as they took down Marquette on the last shot of the game.

After a loss to Penn State, Virginia Tech works their way back into the top 25 with an upset over Clemson.

Credit: Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

College Basketball Games to Watch This Week


St Joes vs. Tennessee
Arkansas Pine Bluff vs. Baylor
Northwestern State vs. Gonzaga


William & Mary vs. Virginia
Nebraska vs. Wisconsin
West Virginia vs. Kansas
North Carolina vs. NC State
Purdue vs. Iowa


Xavier vs. Creighton
Rutgers vs. Ohio State
Villanova vs. Marquette


No ranked games Thursday


Wisconsin vs. Michigan State
Michigan vs. Nebraska
Iowa vs. Minnesota


Houston vs. UCF
Indiana vs. Illinois
Virginia vs. Gonzaga


No ranked games Sunday

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