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College Basketball

College Basketball Rankings: Big Ten and Big 12 Dominate Rankings

Every Monday, we will be releasing our updated college basketball rankings, with major headlines from the college basketball world. The Big Ten and Big 12 make up 11 out of the top 25 teams this week.

College Basketball Rankings
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Top–25 College Basketball Rankings

  1. Gonzaga (12-0, 3-0)
  2. Baylor (11-0, 4-0)
  3. Villanova (8-1, 3-0)
  4. Texas (10-1, 4-0)
  5. Kansas (10-2, 4-1)
  6. Iowa (11-2, 5-1)
  7. Creighton (10-2, 6-1)
  8. Michigan (10-0, 5-0)
  9. Tennessee (9-1, 3-1)
  10. Wisconsin (10-2, 4-1)
  11. West Virginia (9-4, 2-3)
  12. Houston (10-1, 5-1)
  13. Texas Tech (10-3, 3-2)
  14. Minnesota (10-4, 3-4)
  15. Ohio State (9-3, 3-3)
  16. Louisville (8-1, 3-0)
  17. Saint Louis (7-1, 0-0)
  18. Clemson (9-1, 3-1)
  19. Illinois (9-4, 5-2)
  20. Virginia (7-2, 3-0)
  21. Oregon (9-2, 4-1)
  22. Missouri (7-2, 1-2)
  23. UCLA (9-2, 5-0)
  24. Colorado (8-3, 2-2)
  25. Duke (5-2, 3-0)
Mike Krzyzewski duke
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College Basketball Top–25 Headlines

Gonzaga took down in conference rival, BYU in a 86-69 game.

Baylor stays undefeated in conference with wins over Oklahoma and Iowa State.

Down 20, Texas made a second half comeback and beat West Virginia, 72-70.

Iowa avenged their Christmas day loss to Minnesota by beating the Golden Gophers, 86-71.

Michigan remained undefeated with a win over Minnesota.

Houston picked up a big win over inter-conference rival, Wichita State.

Ohio State beat Big Ten rival, Rutgers in a 79-68 game.

Louisville’s David Johnson scored 17 points in a 73-71 win over Virginia Tech.

Clemson picked up a huge win over NC State in a 74-70 overtime thriller.

UCLA extended their win streak to four with wins over Arizona and Arizona State.

Colorado added to their resume with a huge win over Oregon.

Javonte Perkins Atlantic 10 basketball news and notes
Credit: Bill Barrett/Saint Louis Athletics

College Basketball Top–25 Headlines


Connecticut vs. DePaul
Colorado vs. Utah


Duke vs. Virginia Tech
Wisconsin vs. Michigan
Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt
Kansas vs. Oklahoma State
West Virginia vs. Baylor


Notre Dame vs. Virginia
Texas Tech vs. Texas
Illinois vs. Nebraska


Pepperdine vs. Gonzaga
Houston vs. South Florida
Michigan State vs. Iowa
Arizona State vs. Oregon


Wisconsin vs. Rutgers


Ohio State vs. Illinois
Missouri vs. Texas A&M
TCU vs. West Virginia
Michigan vs. Minnesota
Creighton vs. Butler
Baylor vs. Texas Tech
Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee
Virginia vs. Clemson
Kansas State vs. Texas
Gonzaga vs. St. Marys
Iowa State vs. Kansas
Arizona vs. Oregon


UCF vs. Houston

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