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Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022

Having the perfect fantasy football team name is arguably just as important as the players you draft. Nothing is lamer than rolling into the season with the default name your preferred hosting site gives you. So, if you’re simply looking for the 100 best fantasy football team names, we already have you covered. However, if you want a fantasy football team name related to the Cleveland Browns, we will give you a more specialized list here.

It’s always fun to have a fantasy football team name related to both the NFL team you cheer for and one of the players on your team. So, even if you have to reach for a player like Nick Chubb or Amari Cooper, it may be worth it, if you have the perfect name.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Cleveland Browns fantasy football team names for the 2022 season that you can rock as you win your league’s trophy or award.

Fantasy Football Team Names cleveland browns insane clowney posse

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Team Names

  • Cleveland Rocks
  • Brown and Orange is the New Black
  • Fifty Shades of Browns
  • The Browns is The Browns!
  • Clevelandia
  • Njoku Bout It
  • Clockwork Brown and Orange
  • Njoku’s On You

Myles Garrett Fantasy Names

  • Superman
  • Myles to Go Before We Win
  • Satisfaction Garretteed
  • Myles Away from a Championship
  • Myles High Club
  • I Would Walk 500 Myles

Nick Chubb Fantasy Names

  • Hot Chubb Time Machine
  • In the Nick of Time
  • Nick at Nite
  • Big Nick Energy
  • Nick the Quick
  • Big Chubb Energy
  • Big Dick Nick
  • Nasty Nick
  • Chubby Chasers
  • Rub my Chubb
  • Morning Chubb
  • Old Saint Nick

Jadeveon Clowney Fantasy Names

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Amari Cooper Fantasy Names

  • Amari Cooped-Up
  • Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper
  • Giorgio Amari
  • Amari 2600
  • That’s Amari!
  • It’s Too Late to Say Amari?
  • Have Amari Christmas
  • Storm Coopers

Deshaun Watson Fantasy Names

  • Watson’s Happy Endings
  • Deshaun Did It
  • Deshaun in 60 Seconds
  • Watson, Watsoff
  • Penitentiary, My Dear Watson
  • Deshaun of the Dead
  • Watsonder My Towel
  • The Massagynists
  • Houston Massage Oilers

Kareem Hunt Fantasy Names

  • Kareem of the Crop
  • Hunting for Points
  • On the Hunt
  • In the Hunt
  • Hunting Party
  • Thick of the Hunt
  • Big Game Hunters
  • Big Game Hunting
  • The Hunt for Red October
  • The Hunt for Red Zone October
  • Krispy Kareem
  • Kareem Pie
  • Cookies & Kareem
  • Berries & Kareem
  • Kareem Cheese

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