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I Got 99 Problems, but a “Pitch” Ain’t One

Mr. Clayton Kershaw

Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Clayton Kershaw proves once again why he is one of the best pitchers in the MLB. Kershaw pitched his 25th career whole game on July 9th  as the Dodgers completed the sweep against the Kansas City Royals. Kershaw had a great performance and was able to offset the Royals bats at Dodgers stadium.  In addition, Kershaw becomes the first pitcher in MLB history to strike out 13 in a complete game while throwing under 100 pitches. The Dodgers performance during the first half of the season has them with the best record in the MLB (61-29). Kershaw is definitely among the top pitchers in the league and his rankings support this statement.

According to ESPN the following are Kershaw’s current standings:

  • 1st in NL in W (14)
  • 1st in NL in IP (132.1)
  • 2nd in NL in SO (159)
  • 2nd in NL in ERA (2.18)
  • 2nd in NL in WHIP (0.88)
  • 1st in NL in W% (.875)

Now, with Kershaw’s excellent performance on Sunday comes the bad news for some, as he will not be eligible to participate in the All Star game. Sunday’s “All Star” 99-pitch game was just a reflection of what could’ve been if Kershaw took the field for the Summer Classic. For now, we will all wait until the next full game pitched from Mr. Kershaw.

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