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Cavaliers Involved in a Flurry of Trades

Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA Trade Deadline is always exciting, but I can’t remember a single team being this involved in trades. I suppose this should tell us just how panicked the Cleveland Cavaliers are.

This will be an article that is updated throughout the day, since I can’t imagine the Cavs are finished yet! This is what we have so far:

Lakers Trade

Lakers Get: Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, Cavs’ protected first-round pick in 2018
Cavs Get: Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.

This trade sends away two expiring contracts while gaining two young, talented guys that will make an immediate impact. There’s a full write-up on this trade here.

Heat Trade

Heat Get: Dwyane Wade
Cavs Get: Protected 2020 Second-Round Pick

Dwyane Wade gets to reunite with the team that drafted him and the city that loves him. After losing Dion Waiters for the season, it makes sense to bring back the veteran to play some minutes at the two, as they make a second half push.

Three-Team Trade

Cavs Get: Rodney Hood, George Hill
Kings Get: Iman Shumpert, Joe Johnson, Heat’s 2020 second-round pick
Utah Get: Jae Crowder, Derek Rose

Well, this was fun to sort out. If we’re looking at the Cavs’ point of view here, they gave up a frustrated Crowder and struggling Rose for Rodney Hood and George Hill. This was a great move for the Cavs, I understand the move for the Jazz, and the Kings only wanted that draft pick.

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