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Can Punters Be Gamblers?

A punter is someone who likes to place bets, usually on sporting events. The term punter is sometimes used to refer to anyone that gambles, but some keep it exclusively for people who enjoy sports betting. Likewise, the term gambler can mean anyone who likes to bet on any event or game, but it is usually reserved for those who play casino games.

The line between a punter and a gambler may be faint and unrecognizable for some. Still, the connection between the two may become even closer thanks to more real-time and interactive betting experiences.

Live casino gambling

Live casino gambling is a new and exciting niche within online casino websites. They’ve become so popular that there is a growing portfolio of live casino games encompassing classic games like roulette and new innovations that combine elements of casino games with board games and gameshow formats. They’ve opened the door to new types of casino games that have been stagnant for years, with the exception of online slots.

Gamblers play live casino games by logging into their account and choosing the live game they wish to play. Once selected, a live dealer from a studio will be streamed to your device, where you can participate in the game just like walking up to a gaming table in a land-based casino. The live dealer may interact with you and other members frequently, adding another social layer to this type of online gaming.

legal sports betting

In-play sports betting

In-play sports betting is not that new, but it has been revolutionary in keeping sports fans interested in sports gambling. Instead of placing bets on matches before the start of events and simply winning or losing those bets, sports fans can place bets after events have begun based on what they are seeing unfold.

Not only can the gambler decide to place a bet while the action is underway, but they can also decide to cash out on their bets during the big game, meaning they can cut their losses or take profits based on how their bet has performed so far.

Crossover offer and promotions

Many gambling companies operate both a sports betting website and an online casino website, sometimes through the same site but with different sections. Their business models are being constructed to feed into other areas by offering promotions in the other. For example, if a new player signs up to make a sports bet, the company may offer that player a free bet on a live casino game as a promotional offer. This not only introduces players to other forms of gambling they might enjoy, but it is also an effective way to market other gambling services.

Will more punters become gamblers – and vice versa?

There is no data to suggest if more punters will become gamblers and more gamblers will become sports punters, but an introduction to live casino games certainly improves those chances.

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