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Breaking Down AP College Football Top 25 Rankings for Week 11

Welcome back to another installment of AP College Football Top 25 Rankings! It’s Week 11 for college football, which means it’s time for a report. Additionally, it means that there are two different sets of rankings now – the Associated Press rankings versus the College Football Playoff Committee Rankings. The good news is that the top four for both rankings are the same! And for the first time, I agree with both rankings. I know, hold your applause for the end, please.

The top four teams are all undefeated. Unless they lose before the season closes, they will most likely hold their spots. With that being said, the teams ranked in the spots behind them will all be fighting to get back in. In essence, the heat is on. This race toward the finish is the climactic finish college football fans everywhere want to see. Seeing that I agree with both of the top-four rankings, let me begin breaking it down for you!

Breaking Down AP College Football Top 25 Rankings for Week 11
Credit: Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports

Breaking Down the AP College Football Top 25 Rankings

1. Georgia

There shouldn’t have ever been any doubt about the Bulldogs. Let’s see if they can be repeated national champions.

2. Ohio State

The Ohio State Buckeyes will forever stay at the second spot until proven otherwise.

3. Michigan

If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you know how I feel about Big Blue. Let’s see if they can make me regret my words.

4. TCU

Finally! This team has been playing like a top-four team all year. The Horned Frogs have finally been graced by the Associated Press.

5. Tennessee

Well, the Vols finally came back to reality. Their loss to Georgia on primetime was like witnessing a victim receive third-degree burns on live television. They’ll most likely rebound.

6. Oregon

Here we are. After a humiliating loss to the Bulldogs to open the season, the Ducks have been playing lights-out football. I’ll believe this team when I see them beat any of the five programs ahead of them.

7. LSU

The Tigers did the unimaginable- they handed the Crimson Tide their second defeat of the season. To congratulate this monumental moment, we will sit back and watch LSU’s return to glory.

8. USC

The Trojans are back! At least, until proven otherwise. It seems their biggest threat to the PAC-12 crown is the Ducks of Oregon.


Oh man, it’s like the mid-2000s all over again. We have three PAC-12 teams in the top ten. Good for them, considering the major shakeup the conference is undergoing.

10. Alabama

The prophecy has been fulfilled. I alerted a possible upset to the Tigers last week and it happened. Therefore, I shall take all my predictions very seriously moving forward.

11. Ole Miss

Honestly, it may be three losses in a row for Alabama, as the Rebels are poised to face the traditional titan of the SEC. The power dynamic in the conference has been disrupted this year, and Ole Miss is reaping the benefits.

12. Clemson

Down goes Clemson… to Notre Dame? Yes, the Fighting Irish pulled an upset on a weakened Tigers program. Until they figure out the quarterback situation, this team will struggle with its identity.

13. Utah

The Utes have somehow fought their way into the top fifteen while also being the most questionable team amongst this elite group. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it.

14. Penn State

The Nittany Lions are not the teams of yesteryear. But then again, they never really could win it all, so maybe this is just who they really are. They flirt with the idea of greatness, but can never secure the deal.

15. North Carolina

Okay, I’ll say it: North Carolina is a football school. Yes, you read that correctly. And until the basketball team proves me wrong, my statement still stands.

16. Tulane

Easily the most surprising team on this list, but hey, they’ve gotten it done. The Green Wave is a formidable foe who is looking to conquer the AAC.

17. North Carolina State

Okay, I’ll say it: North Carolina is a football state, pun intended. Yes, you read that correctly. The Wolfpack is a mighty unit not to be trifled with.

18. Texas

There’s only one thing worse than Patriots fans, and that’s Longhorn fans. There are plenty of teams that could take this spot. The Longhorns are not, in fact, back.

19. Liberty

Ring the Liberty Bell, cause Liberty University is back! I love the chaos this season, and the Flames are the ones unleashing it.

20. Notre Dame

Now, hold up. They beat one ranked opponent and that magically vaults them into the top twenty-five?! Mind you, they took on a flustered Clemson and handily beat their staggered foe. To me, that isn’t enough to warrant this rating.

21. Illinois

Okay, just because they lost doesn’t mean the Fightin’ Illini have stopped fighting the good fight. Let’s look for them to rebound and knock a few teams out on the way.

22. UCF

Listen, I know I talked a bit of smack about the Knights last week. On behalf of all their trash-talking they’ve been known to do, but at least they can talk the talk and walk the walk. Unlike the Longhorns.

23. Kansas State

The Wildcats have hung in the rankings somehow, despite the three losses to their name. Despite the losses, they have proved they are a program to be trifled with in the new age of the Big 12.

24. Washington

The Huskies are back in the rankings after spending some time on the outside looking in. Let’s see if this season wasn’t just a fluke and look to what the future holds for them.

25. Florida State

The Seminoles have taken down a few worthy adversaries, thus catapulting them into the last spot on the rankings. If there’s one thing to know about this season, it’s to expect the unexpected.

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