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Henry John

Henry has had a passion for sports that few can match for as long as he can remember. His fandom has ultimately become a full-fledged career as a writer and sports betting analyst. After getting his start penning fantasy football articles, he forrayed into the betting side of the business in early 2019 hoping to expand his work to include other sports. Henry now provides regular sports betting content, strategy, analysis and picks for several wonderful sites. He primarily covers the NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, college football, and college basketball. In 2020, he ranked among the top-10 most accurate experts against the spread in the BettingPros NFL season contest. After graduating from SUNY Buffalo in 2021 with a Communication Studies degree, Henry made the decision to relocate to Laramie, Wyoming. He is working full-time towards building up a personal brand and reputation in the sports betting industry. His free time is largely comprised of outdoor adventures with his dog, Harold, playing chess, snowboarding, or reading a good book. He can also frequently be found in the gym, working towards the goal of soon making his competitive powerlifting debut. You can follow Henry’s sports work on Twitter and other social media platforms @HankTimeSports.

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