Author: Guy Freeman

My name is Guy Freeman, and I have been playing Fantasy Football for about 10 years. I started out not knowing what I was doing, and quickly after became obsessed with digging into each player and analyzing their stats and projections. I began winning most of the leagues I was a part of, and decided to help others. I created a website a few years ago and began answering Fantasy Football questions. I love football, fantasy football, and the competitive nature of the game. I'm here to help you dominate your leagues!

What exactly is a sleeper?  You read articles about “sleepers” for the upcoming season, or for the upcoming week, but do you truly comprehend what it means?  Well yeah, you should, but we all know there’s fantasy footballers out there who mistake the term for a “you should start” player. So let’s break it down, a “sleeper” is a player that is believed to have a breakout season, or week.  They do not include well-known, usually reliable, players that you start week-after-week.  That being said, a sleeper list does not include players like Antonio Brown and Aaron Rodgers, or even…

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