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3 Likely DeAndre Hopkins Trade Destinations

While the last NFL Offseason was a crazy one, this year could have just as many theatrics. The next couple of weeks are expected to have a lot of fireworks, which include a DeAndre Hopkins trade.

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver has requested a trade, and who could blame him? The Cardinals are a dumpster fire and, supposedly, their facilities are amongst the worst in the league as well. While a DeAndre Hopkins trade is imminent, trading a superstar is never easy since it takes a lot to acquire them. Of course, the exception to that is the last time Hopkins was traded, but I digress.

With all of that in mind, these are the three most likely DeAndre Hopkins trade destinations.

DeAndre Hopkins Trade Destinations
Credit: Sports Illustrated

3 Likely DeAndre Hopkins Trade Destinations

New England Patriots

It feels like the New England Patriots, and Bill Belichick more specifically, like to pull off trades with new general managers, which the Cardinals have. The Patriots are also very much in need of receiving talent, have plenty of cap room, and are inexplicably terrible at evaluating receivers. In other words, trading for a known commodity instead of drafting another bust would be a wise approach.

Making a DeAndre Hopkins trade would be great for the development of Mac Jones. It would also reunite Hopkins with Bill O’Brien, which Hopkins may not be overly excited about, but the two have certainly had success together.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the two teams DeAndre Hopkins expressed interest in being traded to. This would place him on a team with plenty of Clemson ties, which includes quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Either the Jaguars would form an incredibly dangerous receiving trio of Hopkins, Christian Kirk and Calvin Ridley, or Jacksonville has a receiving asset that can go back to Arizona in the trade. Either way, this is a trade that could be made, Hopkins would approve of, and the team would use him very well.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have a lot of money and assets to throw around this offseason, which includes the top overall draft pick. They absolutely could pull off this trade without including that first overall pick though, as Arizona isn’t a team that wants to trade up for a quarterback. However, if we want to get really fun, a three-team trade in this scenario does make sense.

However, the Bears are certainly a team that is willing to trade for receiving talent, as they didn’t last season with Chase Claypool. With a DeAndre Hopkins trade, the Bears suddenly have a decent receiving corps around Justin Fields, including Hopkins, Claypool, Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet.

Of course, much like the Jaguars, this also means the Bears have receiving talent to send back to Arizona, if that is something the Cardinals are asking for.

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